Apex Legends Meteor is a Bug, Not a Season 4 Teaser

Given Respawn’s trend of not announcing upcoming Apex Legends events or new content until very shortly before release, many fans are constantly looking for potential teasers, or new things appearing in the game’s files. For quite some time, fans have theorised that a ‘meteor’ which some players have been spotting, could be a teaser for Season 4. However, this theory has now been debunked; the Apex Legends meteor has been revealed as the result of a glitch.

So, What is the Apex Legends Meteor Really?

Rare sightings of the Apex Legends ‘meteor’ have been cropping up online for months now. As such, there have been various theories regarding what the meteor might be. Indeed, some had come to believe that it could be some sort of teaser for Season 4. However, noted Apex Legends dataminer @That1MiningGuy has now broken down what exactly the meteor is and why it occurs.

Apex Legends Meteor Confirmed as Glitch

By comparing video and firsthand experience of the ‘meteor,’ and looking through the game’s code, they believe that it is actually the result of a glitch. Specifically, a glitch which very rarely affects Gibraltar’s ultimate. This ultimate allows Gibraltar to drop a beacon which causes projectiles to rain down in an area. However, That1MiningGuy explains that in very, very rare cases, some of these projectiles can be sent radically off course. This only happens, however, if the beacon falls through the map. (And there are certain spots on World’s Edge where this can happen.)

Because the targeting is based on the beacon’s coordinates, this targeting goes somewhat haywire if it falls off the map. This can result in projectiles flying horizontally through the sky, appearing like a meteor. According to That1MiningGuy, this bug is “super rare,” but not anything intentional, or any kind of teaser for Season 4. Fans will have to wait and see what Respawn’s actual plans for Season 4 are, as and when the studio announces them.