4 Alternatives to High-Intensity Pokies for Australians

As an Australian, you probably share your country’s love affair with pokies. But what you may not love are the high-intensity pokies you find offline. In this post, we will share alternatives to high-intensity pokies for Australians. For example, playing progressive jackpot pokies online can be a much more rewarding experience. Let’s start out with a bit of context.

The Problem with High-Intensity Pokies

Pokies in and of themselves are not an issue. But those that are found in offline venues in Australia are classified as “high-intensity” pokies. As explained by Australian Ethical, “almost all of Australia’s pokies are ‘high intensity’ machines that can easily extract $1,200 an hour from punters. According to a 2010 Productivity Commission report into gambling, it’s not unusual for a problem gambler to lose $400 in 10 minutes on a high-intensity poker machine.”

The sheer number of these high-intensity pokies for Australians boggles the mind. The Conversation says, “There are 196,900 poker machines in Australia; 95,012 are in NSW, with a further 46,663 in Queensland and 28,860 in Victoria.” The post points out that in New Zealand, there are only 16,440 pokies. So, they are especially highly concentrated in Australia.

It is understandable why you might want to avoid high-intensity pokies. Just because you love pokies, that does not mean you are comfortable with pokies that are designed to cost you big in a short amount of time. With that in mind, let’s go over some alternatives.

1. Online Pokies

There is a huge selection of pokies you can play online. Of course, it is important to make sure that you are joining a trustworthy online casino like Joe Fortune. This site has established a solid reputation for fast, easy and reliable payouts, fair and transparent play, and excellent customer service.

At Joe Fortune, you can find progressive jackpot pokies, traditional pokies, multi-line pokies, video pokies and fruit machines. So, no matter what you enjoy playing, plenty of entertainment and chances to win await you.

2. Other Online Casino Games

While pokies are lots of fun, do not forget that there are plenty of other online casino games you may find exciting. Give table games like roulette, baccarat, blackjack and craps a try. You can even find live casino games online where you get to gamble with a real, human dealer. If you want to get away from the house edge, try playing poker against other players.

Because online casinos have low overhead, they typically offer low stakes. That means that you can play within your budget and keep pokies and other casino games affordable.

Additionally, online casinos run a lot of exciting promotions. You might also be able to participate in your online casino’s loyalty program. This is a way you can enjoy even more rewards.

On top of that, the convenience of online gambling is hard to beat. You can play on your mobile device, laptop or desktop, at home or on the move.  

3. Gambling in Video Games

Another alternative to offline high-intensity pokies is gambling in video games. Actual gambling in video games involving real stakes is not very common (outside of loot boxes), but it does exist.

The most prominent example of gambling in video games is the Grand Theft Auto (GTA) Online Diamond Casino. You cannot gamble directly with real-life money, but you can use your real-life cash to purchase in-game currency. You may then use that in-game currency to play in the casino.

4. Simulated Gambling in Video Games

Finally, it is worth asking yourself why you like gambling. If your main focus is on winning real money, than yes, you will want to play real casino games online or in video games. But if you just enjoy the gameplay itself, then another option is to look for video games that include simulated gambling elements.

Some examples of video games that include simulated gambling mini-games include Red Dead Redemption, Red Dead Redemption 2, The Witcher 3, Fallout: New Vegas, and Final Fantasy VIII.

As an example, both Read Dead Redemption games allow you to play poker against NPCs. You stake in-game currency for a chance to win in-game currency. But since that currency stays in the game and cannot be exchanged for real-life currency, the gambling is entirely simulated.

Simulated gambling in video games is also a great training ground to learn about gambling strategies, bankroll management, and more. You can then take what you learned and use it when gambling for real at online casinos. With that practice, you may be able to make your bankroll last longer.

Australians adore pokies, but not everybody wants to play the high-intensity pokies found offline throughout the country. Now you are familiar with some alternatives to high-intensity pokies for Australians. Give online and video game gambling a try. You will have a lot of fun, and be able to stretch your bankroll further.