7 Reasons to Play at Crypto Sportsbooks

Over the past few years, we have seen a couple of major trends combine. For one thing, online gambling has been on the rise. For another, more and more people are embracing cryptocurrencies as a mainstream form of payment. In fact, the growth of crypto has further contributed to the growing popularity of online gaming. Wondering what the benefits are of joining a bitcoin sportsbook? Let’s take a look at 7 reasons to wager at an online crypto sportsbooks now.

Benefits of Playing at Crypto Sportsbooks

1. Lower minimum deposit and bet sizes.

Don’t have a lot of money to deposit into a sports betting or casino account? Sportsbooks that accept crypto as a payment option have a tendency to set lower minimum deposit sizes. They also may have lower betting minimums. This opens up the world of sports betting to customers who might otherwise be left out.

2. Higher bet ceilings and withdrawal limits.

Maybe you have no problem making larger bets and deposits. If you are a high roller, you may run into the opposite problem on a lot of betting sites. Low ceilings and withdrawal limits can make it hard to grow and access your money. Crypto sportsbooks typically raise betting ceilings and set much higher limits for withdrawals.

This can be very beneficial if you happen to win a handsome payout on a parlay bet or a jackpot on a slot game.

3. Huge bonuses.

On bitcoin sportsbooks and casino sites, you can find some of the highest bonuses. For example, Cloudbet is offering up to 5 BTC as a welcome bonus. How much that adds up to depends on the value of bitcoin at any given time. But at the time of this writing, it is many thousands of dollars.

In fact, non-crypto bonuses typically max out at several thousand dollars. Often, they add up to less than that. So, 5 BTC goes way beyond what you can expect on most traditional online sportsbooks.

4. Play from anywhere.

Have you been running into issues involving geographical restrictions while gambling? Making your deposits and withdrawals with BTC or another crypto could get you around those blocks. Of course, you will still need to play at sites that accept customers from your region if they have identify verification policies in place.

5. Your financial transactions are secure and transparent.

Another advantage of using bitcoin to gamble is that it is a safe way to transfer your funds. You do not have to worry about hackers when you use cryptocurrencies. The money in your wallet is safe, and your transactions are secure.

Plus, when you make a crypto transaction, your transfer is recorded in the public blockchain. That means that crypto transfers offer you unrivaled transparency.

6. Protect your privacy.

While bitcoin and other cryptos are transparent, they are also anonymous. No one can associate your transactions in the ledger with you.

Can you gamble fully anonymously on crypto sportsbooks and casinos? That depends on the policies of the site you join. There are some sites that offer fully anonymous betting. Others (most) have KYC verification processes in place. These policies exist in part for your protection.

7. Access a wide range of exciting sports and bet types.

Finally, crypto betting sites offer the same big selection of sports and betting markets you would expect from traditional sportsbooks. In some cases, they may also offer additional betting markets and casino games that are not available elsewhere.

Speaking of casino games, bitcoin games are often “Provably Fair.” With Provably Fair technology, you can check for yourself whether games are fair. So, playing at bitcoin betting sites can enhance your peace of mind.

How to Get Started With Online Crypto Sportsbooks

If you are excited to bet on sports and play casino games with bitcoin or other cryptos, getting started is easy. Choose a reputable site to wager on such as Cloudbet. Then, make your first deposit. When you do, make sure you claim the bonus. When your money is in your account, you will be ready to place your first bets.

If you want to be profitable, try and bet when you find value in the odds. Do your research on the teams and players. Use statistics and news to conduct your analysis. Good luck, and have fun.