7 Ways Video Gaming Can Improve Creative Writing Skills

Video games kind of have a bad reputation, mainly because they are linked to a sedentary life. They might expose the players to toxic environments and, in some cases, become an addiction. However, game developers have acknowledged the effects of video games and how they are looked at and started working on developing video games that are different. 

Playing video games is one of the hobbies any student might have while getting an education in college. It can be a nice and effective way to take your mind off things and immerse yourself in a new world. Video games come with many benefits as well, and one of these benefits is that they can improve your creative writing skills. How is this happening? Find out below. 

1. Stress Reliever 

Playing video games is a nice hobby that helps you relax and relieve your stress. But you may wonder what is the connection between this and creative writing skills. In creative writing, you need to let your imagination run wild while keeping your text on the subject. When you are stressed and under pressure, creativity is difficult to find. It may be more difficult to study and write when you are stressed, so video games help you be more relaxed and open to creativity. 

2. Communication of Ideas for Essay Writing

Many people think that video games cannot improve communication skills through playing. Even though there are some video games where players talk only about the activity of the game, they connect. So many friendships were formed through video gaming. Players often connect in real life too and discuss things from their lives. This helps them improve their communication skills, which are so essential to essay and creative writing. All writing companies advise students to improve their communication skills, especially Edubirdie in Canada. They have formed a nice community of students who use video gaming as a way to improve their communication skills. 

3. Time Management 

Time management is a nice skill to have, especially because it boosts your creative writing skills. When you are under pressure and stress, your judgment, reasoning, and creativity might be affected. Playing any kind of video game will help you improve your time management skills. You can play games of strategy, adventure, or some for time management. This is because you need time to let your creativity and ideas pour on paper. 

4. Find Your Muse and Source of Creativity

Many people think that all video games are the same. But this is not true. Nowadays, video games are so well developed that they have impressive graphics and storylines. Playing a video game and immersing yourself in the story exposes you to a different universe and environment. And this can be the place where you find your muse and source of inspiration. Which will boost your creative writing skills. 

5. Exposure to Different Ideas 

As said previously, video gaming exposes you to new universes and environments. It exposes you to different ideas, storylines, actions that could happen. It exposes you to magical worlds where you have a quest to discover yourself. This is very important for your creative writing skills. People often see things only from their perspective, but when writing creatively, you need to be aware of other mindsets as well. Video gaming forces you to take a different perspective and this develops and enlarges your point of view. 

6. Learning New Things 

When you hear the term video games, there might be specific games that come to your mind. Some might think about shooter games, while others about DOTA or WOW. Well, apart from these types, there are many educational and provocative video games you can play. Many of them aim to help you improve and develop your knowledge of a specific subject, vocabulary, or other skills. Funnily learning new things will help you retain the information easier. And this will boost your creative writing skills considerably. 

7. Confidence 

One of the things playing video games comes with is confidence. The more you play, the better you score and focus. And trusting yourself and your abilities is essential. It gives you the confidence you need to express your thoughts and ideas freely in creative writing. 

Ending Note 

Creative writing skills are essential for every student. Although video games have a bad reputation, they can improve and boost your creative writing skills. They help you communicate and organize your time better, relax, learn new things and trust your abilities. You get contact with new perspectives and sources of inspiration. 

Bio lines: Robert Everett is a creative writer passionate about creativity. He currently works on a book where he will share his personal experiences that boosted his creative process. Robert loves spending time in nature.