8 Highlights from Xbox’s 2022 Showcase

Nearly 50% of all adults play video games, proving that it’s not just a pastime for kids. Adults can buy games whenever they want, so they pay attention to showcases. The Xbox Showcase games list for 2022 is well-rounded, with a few titles that release in the latter half of 2022 and many others to look forward to in 2023. This showcase is when Xbox announces its best and brightest lineup for people to look forward to. Check out some of their major announcements — did they pique your interest?

The Major Xbox Showcase Games List of 2022

The Xbox Showcase 2022 announcements encompassed many things, not just first looks at upcoming games. Among the games came a much-awaited announcement of Kojima Productions teaming up with Xbox Game Studios. While nobody knows much of what they’re planning yet, it’s a welcome surprise and bodes well for future games available on Xbox consoles. Here are some of the other major game-related announcements you may have missed.

1. Starfield

Starfield is a much-awaited game that many Xbox enthusiasts will be happy to see on this list. At one point, there were rumors that developments in the game were not going as planned, but this announcement gave fans a glimmer of hope. 

When the game was initially delayed to 2023, many fans assumed they wouldn’t be seeing the game anytime soon. Luckily, the Xbox showcase 2022 announcements proved everyone wrong and assured patient gamers that their wait will be well worth it once this stellar game releases.

2. Redfall

Redfall, with each character having their own special ability, is shaping up to be an anticipated release. It’s a standard vampire hunter FPS game, and many gamers will enjoy navigating the new equipment they can use to hunt down the monsters. Shooting games are the second-most popular type of video game, as far as sales are concerned. Both new and old gamers will enjoy this new spin on the vampire-hunting genre.

3. Overwatch 2

The long-awaited sequel to the popular Overwatch game is here. It releases later this year, with early access starting in October. With this new sequel comes a new character, and there’s plenty more for you to discover. Until its release, you can satiate your appetite with its predecessor, like many others are doing.

4. Forza Motorsports

Many people have been waiting to hear news of this game. Forza Motorsports got a gameplay trailer stuffed full of realistic graphics, hinting at how this game will have much more real-world physics and more consequences than others. Take a peek at the trailer to see some of the new cars featured in the game.

5. As Dusk Falls

This game is one of the only ones announced that releases in 2022 rather than 2023. With a July 19 release date, As Dusk Falls is closer to reality than some might assume. If you love generational stories, you’ll probably like As Dusk Falls and how it weaves two small-town Arizona families together.

6. Pentiment

Pentiment is another game that comes out in 2022. It has a distinct art style and releases in November. In this game, you can live in what appears to be medieval times — with a few dark twists. This game’s laid-back style will surely capture your attention and keep you satisfied until the big 2023 releases come out.

7. Minecraft Legends

In 2020, there were over 140 million monthly Minecraft players, which has grown since then. Players should look forward to Minecraft Legends, which takes the standard Minecraft blueprint and kicks it up a notch. While nobody knows much about it yet, it seems that you play as a character who becomes a “legend” in their own right by uniting the creatures in the overworld. Keep your eyes glued to this title — it’s sure to be a big hit once it releases.

8. Other Games

Some other popular games were mentioned, too, though it may be too early to know too much about them. Hollow Knight’s sequel, Hollow Knight Silksong, showed great promise with its main character Hornet. 

Additionally, you should keep your eye out for Xbox Game Pass — Riot Games’ big titles, like League of Legends, Valorant and so many more, are coming to the Game Pass. Elder Scrolls Online is also receiving an expansion. You can enjoy games you already know and love as you wait for all of these big titles to drop. 

What Were the Biggest Xbox Showcase 2022 Announcements?

These announcements were not the only Xbox Showcase 2022 announcements. Xbox has so much planned for the next couple of years — some people may even go out and buy its consoles after seeing all it has in store! Mostly, look out for new additions to your favorite games and series while trying out the new ones. You have much to look forward to in the coming years — there’s plenty left for the end of 2022 and the whole year of 2023.