80 Minutes of Battlefield 5: Grand Operations Gameplay Streamed Online

The Grand Operations mode, a new feature for Battlefield 5, expands significantly on those of Battlefield 1. Singled out by EA for marketing the features of the upcoming title, the mode features 64 players and is spread across multiple stages. Although the game doesn’t release until late October, a full eighty minutes of Battlefield 5: Grand Operations gameplay has now been released online. The footage gives fans a chance to see what’s new in the mode, and Battlefield 5 in general.

A Full 80 Minutes of Battlefield 5: Grand Operations Gameplay

In a Grand Operations game, 64 players face off throughout four in-game days. Each day tasks the opposing sides with different objectives, and each features custom rules and different maps. The result of each day goes on to affect the next day, until the fourth day. If no side has won by that point, the mode enters an end stage called Final Stand; a last-man-standing final battle.

Grand Operations Are New to the Battlefield Series

A recent YouTube livestream was uploaded by the YouTube channel MassiveG. The livestream lasted over 80 minutes, and gave fans an extended early look at the upcoming headline game mode. MassiveG’s beta footage shows off a great deal of Battlefield 5’s new gameplay features, such as the revised reviving and ammunition systems. Fans hoping for a closer look at these new features should take the time to watch it in full; the footage documents the entirety of a Grand Operations match and more.

Battlefield 5 is scheduled to release on the 21st of October, later this year, on Xbox One, PlayStation 4, and PC. A closed beta has already been held, but an open beta will also be held in September. That will be the first chance that most fans get to try out the upcoming title and its new Grand Operations game mode. Some fans have been critical of the changes to features from previous games. Hopefully getting to try those changed features out for themselves will quell some of the disquiet.