A Teenager Succeeded In Playing DOOM On BitFi

The “unhackable” wallet called BitFi should now be called “hackable” even though no one has managed to extract any coins out of it. A fifteen-year-old teenager managed to play DOOM on BitFi after the announcement of the $250,000 bounty its company made. Of course, no currencies were taken out of it, so the bounty still stands.

BitFi is an “unhackable” wallet for cryptocurrency transactions and trading. John McAfee was the first to proclaim the device as the first “unhackable” cryptocurrencies wallet on the market. He offered $100,000 to anyone who could breach the wallet’s security measures. After that, the company behind the wallet named BitFi raised his offer to $250,000 and turned it into a bounty program.

A 15-year-old teenage hacker named Saleem Rashid was the first to root BitFi after these offers. He managed to get the classic DOOM video game running on the device. However, he did not succeed in extracting any coins from the wallet. He also posted a relevant video on Twitter.

After that, John McAfee posted a tweet on Twitter to state that the device remains “unhackable.” Rashid might have managed to root BitFi, but he did not get the coins. McAfee pointed that out on his tweet, also adding that it was, in fact, a failed attempt. Rashid’s act was good for BitFi wallet since it strengthened its integrity. The device is the safest crypto wallet that has been made so far.

However, all these do not erase the fact that Rashid did something extremely badass. Not only did he manage to root BitFi, but he also did it by getting DOOM to run on the device. DOOM is badass, but Rashid made his action even more ruthless. And it was made with the older DOOM title from 1993. He does not need the coins. Rashid has much more to be proud of.