All the Legend Updates Coming in Apex Legends Legacy

The ninth season of Apex Legends – entitled Apex Legends Legacy – is due to launch on the 4th of May. When it does, players won’t just be getting a wealth of new content; the season will also be launching with a major update for the game’s existing roster of Legends, including a major rebalance for Lifeline.

Apex Legends Legacy – Existing Legend Updates

Of all the Legends getting tweaks or changes in the Legacy Legend Update, Lifeline is getting the most. For more details on the Lifeline rebalance, click here. Changes to the rest of the game’s existing Legends are as follows:

Apex Legends Legacy Updates


  • The smoke generated by Bangalore’s Smoke Launcher will now be thicker.


  • Bloodhound will no longer gain assists from the Eye of the Allfather ability.


  • Crypto’s drone will now be able to both scan and open care packages.
  • Crypto will no longer be able to use his drone to ‘hijack’ respawn beacons that are currently in use.


  • Fuse’s Knuckle Cluster will now have two stacks, with a cooldown of 20 seconds (down from 25).


  • Horizon’s Gravity Lift’s lift speed will be going down by 30%. Additionally, players will only be able to sit airborne at the top of the life for 2 seconds. The cooldown for the ability is going up from 15 seconds to 20.
  • Horizon’s abilities will now be affected by Wattson’s pylons.


  • Loba will now be able to slide at full speed while aiming Burglar’s Best Friend, and while her bracelet is airborne. She will no longer suffer from a slow penalty after translocating.
  • The cooldown of Black Market Boutique will go down from 120 seconds to 90.


  • Stim cooldown reduced from 4 seconds to just 1 second! However, the health cost has gone up from 12 hp to 20.
  • When in the air and jumping from a Launch Pad, Octane will now get increased bullet spread.