Amazon To Host It’s Biggest Esports Event To Date!

Amazon has just revealed its latest esports tournament, the Amazon Prime Gaming Ultimate Showdown! This event will take place at TwitchCon and feature an impressive $50k prize. This tournament will be Amazon’s largest esports event of all time! You will be able to bet on all matches in this tournament at

Amazon is not new to the world of esports, but recently they have ramped up their investment. Amazon is currently developing a number of games and is deepening its relationship with Twitch, an Amazon subsidiary. This latest tournament fits with Amazon’s strategy to grow its gaming section, Prime Gaming, where you can download free games and get exclusive in-game perks such as skins, characters, and weapons.

What Is Amazon Prime Gaming Ultimate Showdown

Amazon Prime Gaming Ultimate Showdown is a new esports tournament released by Amazon. The tournament will feature numerous different games, from shooters to battle royales. It will also feature a healthy $50,000 prize pool – the biggest Amazon has ever offered.

To qualify, gamers will have to first play in regional pre-qualifying tournaments. Currently, these pre-qualifying tournaments will take place in Japan, Germany, the USA, and the Netherlands. The best players from the pre-qualifying rounds will then move on to the global qualifying tournaments. The top 5 players from the qualifying tournaments will book their spot in the finals. Amazon will be offering a range of cash prizes and also raising money for charity.

The grand final of the Amazon Ultimate Showdown esports tournament is set to go down at TwitchCon in San Diego, the USA, on October 7th, 2022. All matches will be streamed live and will feature the best esports games from across the globe!

When Will The Amazon Ultimate Showdown Matches Take Place

Want to know when the Amazon Prime Gaming Ultimate Showdown tournament is going down? Check out the schedule below:

  • Seattle Pre-Qualifier – June 25th
  • Amsterdam Pre Qualifier – July 16th
  • Japan Pre-Qualifier – September 15th
  • Grand Finale at TwitchCon – October 7th

Currently, Amazon hasn’t released information on the exact games that will be played. However, they have stated that the tournaments will feature various titles, from sports games and shooters to battle royales. By tuning in, you also have the chance to win a range of gaming equipment from chairs to keyboards, headsets, and more!

What Are Amazon’s Gaming And Esports Plans?

Originally, Amazon’s plans were to take over the world of game development. However, their games have received mixed reviews. New World and Lost Ark were a big success, but Amazon Luna was a flop, and they have struggled to release high-profile titles. There have been some internal problems with Amazon losing its head of development back in March. Amazon is still committed to producing games but, based on recent leaks, is working on a Steam competitor and pivoting more towards esports. Amazon has been mostly promoting esports through its streaming subsidiary, Twitch. Twitch streams all major esports, and Amazon has slowly started hosting more of its events. This new tournament is the first time Amazon has hosted a game under the Amazon Prime Gaming brand and signals that Amazon will likely host bigger esports events in the future. We expect Amazon to continue expanding its branded esports events and eventually have prize pools that can rival the Majors! Let’s hope that the Amazon Prime Gaming Ultimate Showdown is a massive success, so one of the world’s biggest companies continues to promote and invest in esports.