Some Analysts Predict a “High Price Point” for PS5 and Xbox Series X

The price predictions we have heard over the past year for the PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X have been all over the map. According to analysts now, gamers might want to think about starting to save up early for either console, as we may be facing a high price point for both.

What High Price Point Might We Expect for Next Gen Consoles?

So, just how much will we have to pay for Xbox Series X or PS5? Piers Harding-Rolls of IHS Markit Technology reportedly said, “I also expect pricing of both PS5 and Xbox Series X to be similar, and I think it’s more likely than not they will be higher than the PS4 launch price point of $399.” He added, “A high price point may prompt Microsoft to follow through with a dual-pronged product strategy and release a less powerful, cheaper version of its next-gen platform during the launch window. I don’t expect Sony to follow this product strategy at launch so this approach would give Xbox more go-to-market flexibility although it would also add complexity around marketing and consumer education. Personally, I would wait to bring a cheaper version to market.”

Also, Serkan Toto of Kantan Games gave a more specific prediction, stating, “Both consoles will be a lot more similar to each other in terms of specs, pricing and features when compared to the last generation. Microsoft will likely avoid shenanigans like higher price (I expect $499 price tags for both), weaker specs, restrictions to used disc sales etc.”

So, maybe we’ll be paying around $500 for either console, or possibly a bit more. Regardless, let’s just hope that neither console costs the $800 that Michael Pachter once predicted! Follow our PlayStation news to keep up with future predictions and announcements concerning the pricing for both net gen consoles.