Newly Discovered Apex Legends Bug Turns Wraith Nigh Invincible

With the launch of Apex Legends season 2, a ton of new content has recently been added to Respawn’s battle royale title. However, as is so common for game patches, it seems that an unintended bug may have been introduced as well. This particular Apex Legends bug certainly requires Respawn’s attention, as it seems to render Wraith almost impossible to kill.

Apex Legends Bug Wraith Into the Void 2

How This Apex Legends Bug Makes Wraith so Unstoppable

This new Apex Legends bug only emerged recently and doesn’t seem to have spread too widely yet. Unfortunately, those that have figured out how to use it have the potential to severely disrupt matches with a massively unfair advantage. Effectively, the bug seems to allow players to use Wraith’s Into the Void ability without triggering the ability’s cooldown. As a result, the effect never ends, and Wraith is left in an invincible state.

A video posted to YouTube by user Darkstar XT shows this bug in action, as they are able to use Into the Void repeatedly in order to stay invulnerable. To their credit, Darkstar XT doesn’t tell people how to trigger the bug. However, they do warn that it isn’t difficult to figure out after seeing it in action in-game. Speaking of the video, they write; “This is for demonstration purposes to bring attention to the issue. It’s 100% successful at being replicated (on all platforms) once you learn how to do it. […] It’s only a matter of time before this glitch spreads like wildfire and creates a toxic ranked matchmaking experience.”

Hopefully, the video does indeed draw the attention of Respawn, who can see that it is properly addressed. Similar glitches such as these been a problem before in Apex Legends. However, the studio has generally been quick to address serious concerns. Given the game-breaking potential of this particular bug, it should certainly be a priority to fix. (Especially now that Apex Legends has an active Ranked League.)