Apex Legends Health: How Much Health Do You Have?

There is so much content for fans of Apex Legends to enjoy right now regarding the game such as checking out our tier list for the best and worst characters right now as well as the best weapons in the game. Of course, one aspect that players are also wondering about is your Apex Legends Health. This is a sort of mysterious element of the game.

While other Battle Royale titles like Fortnite make it clear what your health is, the Apex Legends Health isn’t super clear. This is an important element to understand as it allows you to calculate and know things like how many syringes you’ll need to heal and so on. In addition, it has players wondering if certain characters have more health than others. Here’s what you need to know.

Apex Legends Health

Apex Legends Health

Let’s start by addressing whether or not different characters in the game have more or less health than others. Every single character you play as in the game has the same amount of health is the other. While this may seem weird given the beefiness of characters like Gibraltar, it is the case currently.

Now, as to how much Apex Legends Health you have for every character, that is 100 health in total, similar to Fortnite. Even though the game doesn’t clearly let you know that that is your starting health. Healing items will heal various amounts of health ranging from only 20 health all the way to the full 100 health.

The same goes for shields as well. You can have up to four bars of shields, each one equaling 25 points of shields for a total of 100. Shield cells will heal varying portions of that from 20 all the way to the full 100. The Phoenix Kit will even heal both your shields and health completely but takes 10 seconds to use.