Apex Legends Legacy Introduces Emotes for the First Time

Apex Legends Legacy is now just a couple of days away from launch, on the 4th of May. The battle royale title’s ninth season will be bringing some huge new things with it; a Legend capable of flight, a permanent new 3v3 game mode, and the game’s first-ever bow. Alongside all that, it will also be introducing Emotes for the first time.

Apex Legends Legacy – New Emotes

As one would expect, Apex Legends Emotes will work much like the existing cosmetics like Skydive Emotes, Voice Lines, and others. A new emote wheel will allow players to equip multiple Emotes and activate them at will during matches. Initially, every Legend will have a single Emote unlocked by default so that players can use one right away. Others will have to be unlocked or bought, like other types of cosmetics. Players should expect to start seeing Emotes appearing among the usual items that arrive with each new season.

Apex Legends Emotes Legacy 2

So that players can see their own Emotes when they use them, activating an Emote will cause your perspective to shift to third-person while it plays. Interestingly, Respawn has already thought about one potential issue with this; that players might be able to peek around corners while in the third-person view. To prevent this exploit, the game will automatically render players invisible if you wouldn’t be able to see them from your first-person view.

Emotes will be fully usable throughout Apex Legends. However, Respawn has already been promoting their use for the new Arenas mode in particular. This new 3v3, round-based game mode takes place on a much smaller scale, on a series of specially-designed maps. Thanks to this scale, emotes are likely to be more visible, especially because the mode features a Winner’s Podium where players can use their Emotes to show off.