Apex Legends Legacy Adds a New Weapon Category to the Game

With the launch tomorrow of Apex Legends Legacy – its 9th season – the game’s armoury is going to be shaken up somewhat. Not only is Apex Legends getting its first-ever bow, but the season update includes some big changes for existing weapons and the introduction of an all-new Marksman weapon category.

Apex Legends Legacy – The Marksman Category

Until now, both the G7 Scout and 30-30 Repeater have been in Apex Legends’ Assault Rifle weapons category. While these two guns are relatively close to other weapons in that category, they have felt somewhat distant due to their firing styles. With the introduction of the Bocek – the new bow weapon – in Legacy, Respawn is taking the opportunity to reorganise. The new “Marksman” weapon category will sit between Assault Rifle and Sniper. It will include a range of precision weapons which perform well at mid-to-long range.

Apex Legends Marksman Weapon Category Legacy

The Marksman category will initially include four weapons; the aforementioned G7 Scout and 30-30 Repeater, along with the new Bocek, and the Triple Take. The latter will be moving out of the Sniper category, where it has been since its introduction. “This allows us to begin moving the settings of these weapons toward more consistent value for the class,” explains Respawn, about the decision; “and make the settings of ARs and Snipers more consistent with less outliers.”

The first notable change which players should notice is that Marksman weapons will be getting faster aim-down-sight speeds. This speed should be roughly in-between the ADS speeds of Assault Rifles and Sniper Rifles. According to Respawn, the developers have also; “done some targeted normalisation of hipfire spread amounts”. It’s not currently known how noticeable or significant these tweaks will actually be. Nevertheless, Marksman will be a distinct category going forward, and fans may see more significant tweaks in future to set its weapons further apart.