Apex Legends Patch Should Make Hits Register Properly

While playing Apex Legends recently, you may have noticed a glitch where your hits on other players don’t seem to be registering as damage, even though they are producing the expected visual and auditory effects. You may have heard that the problem was fixed, but noticed that it has persisted since then. Needless to say, that has been pretty frustrating to the Apex community. Thankfully, there is now a second Apex Legends patch, and hopefully, it will mean an end to the hit registration problem.

The New Apex Legends Patch Should Correct the Hit Registration Bug

The official Apex Legends account made the following tweet to explain the status of the issue:

The initial tweet says, “We are aware that players are still encountering issues with hits not registering in-game and are actively working on a solution. We will update you here as soon as we have more information on a fix and appreciate everyone’s patience!”

There is then an update which reads, “UPDATE: Last night we pushed out a patch to address the remaining issues with hit registration. Those issues should now be resolved. Appreciate everyone’s patience, as always!”

That’s a relief, right? Now when we hit our opponents, it will count again the way it is supposed to. The game engineer who fixed the problem is Samy Duc. You can swing by his twitter page to say thank-you. He worked hard to patch the problem rapidly so that we can all get back to enjoying the game, so he deserves some major kudos.

If you notice any further issues with hit registration, you should contact Respawn and let them know what’s going on so they can deal with it right away. But hopefully, we won’t see any bugs of this nature again for a while.

In other Apex Legends news, Respawn are working on a ‘sidegrade’ for Lifeline. Also, find out how you can grab the new exclusive Loba skin. Now that hits are registering, you can go get back to playing. But take a break again soon to come catch up on more of our Apex Legends news.