Apex Legends Weapons Got a Rebalance with the Launch of Season 4

Season 4 didn’t just bring a new Legend, a new sniper rifle, and a new map overhaul to Apex Legends. Alongside the new content, Respawn also took the opportunity to roll out a major weapons update; something which is likely to have a big impact on the multiplayer meta throughout the season. Here are all the Apex Legends weapons changes you can expect to see during Season 4:

Apex Legends Weapons: Category and Accuracy Changes in Season 4

First of all, sniper rifles could see a shift in the multiplayer meta. Not only is there now a new one, the Sentinel, but sniper rifles now have their own ammo category. The G7 Scout has also been moved from the sniper category over to the assault rifle category. Energy ammo, meanwhile, now only works for two weapons, but now holds 30 ammo per pack instead of 20. Something which could have a bigger impact, however, is a big update to ironsights accuracy. According to Respawn, the studio uses “special tech” to make sure optics reticles stay centered while the gun moves around. However, this tech hasn’t been applied to ironsights… until now.

Apex Legends Weapons Changes in Season 4 2

“With Season 4,” explains the studio; “we have updated most of the weapons’ ironsights to properly stay centered now. Not all ironsights are upgraded yet, but we will be updating the remaining weapons as this season progresses.”

For now at least, all the sniper rifles have been upgraded; the Longbow DMR, Charge Rifle, TripleTake, and Sentinel. Furthermore, the Havoc, Flatline, R-301, Spitfire LMG, R-99, Alternator, Mastiff, Mozambique, RE-45, and Wingman have also gotten the upgrade. In a final note on the new season, Respawn has revealed that the new set of Gold Weapons in Season 4 will be the following; the Havoc, the P2020, the Prowler, the R-301, and the new Sentinel Sniper Rifle.

Apex Legends Weapons: Specific Changes

  • Devotion: This weapon now appears in crates only and doesn’t appear in the normal loot pool (see L-STAR). Additionally, its magazine size is now 54, and its total ammo stock is now 162.
  • EVA-8: While using the Double Tap hop-up, the delay between bursts with the EVA-8 is now 0.8 seconds instead of 0.85.
  • G7 Scout: Due to moving to the Assault Rifle category, the G7 Scout now only accepts AR attachments and optics, though it can still take the Double Tap hop-up. Its fire rate has gone down from 4.5 to 4, and the time between shots for double tap has gone up slightly.
  • Havoc: Although the Turbocharger hop-up has been removed from the game in Season 4, the Havoc can still equip Select Fire. When using this, the time between shots goes down from .77 to .56. Plus, the gun should now be easier to control.
  • Hemlok: Nothing too major for the Hemlok. The only change is that the single-shot rate of fire has gone up from 5.6 to 6.4.
  • L-STAR: You can now find this weapon around the map in normal loot; it no longer solely appears in crates. Interestingly, this weapon now uses energy ammo but doesn’t have to be reloaded. Instead, it will overheat if you fire for too long in one go. Its damage has gone down from 19 to 18, and its rate of fire has gone down too, from 12 to 10. However, it doesn’t kick up as much when fired now.
  • Mastiff: The Mastiff didn’t get any changes in Season 4. However, Respawn did fix an exploit which had let players fire it faster than intended.
  • Prowler: Just a slight damage buff for the Prowler; the gun’s damage is up from 14 to 15.
  • R-99: This gun has had a small damage nerf, from 12 to 11. However, its magazine size is up across the first 3 tiers. Base is up from 18 to 20, Common is up from 20 to 22, and Rare is up from 23-24.
  • Wingman: The Wingman has had its magazine size adjusted across 3 tiers. Base now holds 5 instead of 4. Rare now holds 7 instead of 8, and Epic now holds 8 instead of 10. Common is staying the same at 6.