Confused About How to Save in Borderlands 3? Here’s the Answer

As of the time of writing, Borderlands 3 has been available for around 1 hour on PC, with console releases coming throughout tomorrow morning. With the game just barely out, one of the most common seach terms is already “how to save Borderlands 3”. In fairness, the answer to this question isn’t immediately obvious in-game. However, the answer is very simple; you don’t.

How to Save Borderlands 3 (You Don’t)

Because the game auto-saves all progress as you play, you don’t ever need to worry about how to save Borderlands 3. When you’re done, just open the pause menu and select Quit Game, which takes you back to the main menu. You’ll then see your current Vault Hunter alongside the menu options, showing your progress until you jump back in.

How to Save Borderlands 3 2

Saving in games is apparently a common point of consternation for many, as “how to save” often appears as a top search term alongside major releases. In this day and age, more and more games feature built-in autosave mechanics. As a result, there can be a momentary sense of confusion over how to save your progress when you open the menu and see a conspicuous lack of saving options. After all, nobody wants to risk hitting ‘quit’ and losing all their progress because they overlooked something.

In Borderlands 3, hopefully most people quickly found the answer to themselves. However, if you’re looking for how to save Borderlands 3 now, you can be reassured that hitting Quit won’t lose you any progress. Of course, if you quit in the middle of a fight, then you may load back in slightly back from where you were. (Most likely at the nearest respawn station.) However, doing so shouldn’t lose you any gear, even if you picked it up during the fight. If you’re not in a fight or other similarly active moment, you should be able to quit and reload anywhere in Borderlands 3.