Assassin’s Creed Odyssey Adds Enemy Level Scaling and New DLC

Ubisoft has proven that it is actively listening to the community of Assassin’s Creed Odyssey fans with its latest blog post detailing the numerous updates coming to the game this month. While there are several content updates that will add enemies, weapons, and more quests to the game the ability to adjust enemy level scaling is now also present.

Level Scaling Options Change The Way Odyssey Can Be Played

The stunning open world of Assassin’s Creed Odyssey is brimming with plenty of things for players to get lost in. Whether your journeys take you across the land or sea, there are treasures to be discovered and enemies to be slain. However, these enemies for some players feel as though they keep pace with them too quickly in terms of strength. This difficulty spike as your character levels up, while a welcome challenge to some, clearly felt overwhelming to many others. Luckily for fans, Ubisoft is tuning into what the community has to say in order to give their biggest Assassin’s Creed game more longevity, considering there will be no new iteration to the franchise coming this year.

In this attempt to keep fans happy Ubisoft has added level scaling preferences to the options menu. This will let players adjust the way enemy leveling works in relation to their character, thus allowing them to further tailor gameplay to their preferred style. The updated option will be available across every difficulty setting except for Nightmare Mode, a decision which Ubisoft states was made to preserve the challenge it presents. The level scaling functions as follows:

Heavy – All enemies remain at your level.

Normal – No change in the difficulty settings.

Light – Content is around two levels below your level.

Very Light – Content is around four levels below your level.

This will be a welcome shift in gameplay for many players, and doesn’t affect those who were unbothered by the way enemy level scaling previously worked. More than anything else though, it’s a strong sign that Ubisoft has an ear to the community and is willing to listen.

Multiple Expansions Breathe More Life Into The World

Along with the new set of options available in Odyssey came the announcement of new paid and free DLC. The former of which is the second part to the Legacy of the First Blade expansion, the first part of which was released last month. The story will continue to follow the journey of Darius, the first assassin to wield their trademark hidden blade. The protagonist was introduced to him in the first episode of the trilogy, and they will continue to follow along as they learn more about how the Order of Assassin order was formed. The DLC, subtitled Shadow Heritage, will be available January 15.

Two new Lost Tales of Greece will be added to the game as free expansions, titled Daughters of Lalaia and Poet’s Legacy respectively. Daughters of Lalaia will see players take on the task of training a town full of women for battle after their husbands have all left for war. Critical choices will be made to determine the fate of the townsfolk and their children in this quest. Poet’s Legacy features the introduction of “Greece’s most scandalous poet,” as the Kassandra or Alexios will get to know the artist and her bawdy performances well.

With a host of new content available this month Assassin’s Creed Odyssey just became even more expansive.