Bandai Namco Trademarks “Call to Exist” Title Ahead of E3 2018

Bandai Namco has trademarked the title “Call to Exist” as of May 17th, 2018. This trademark is sparking interest from fans as many begin to wonder if the supposed game is related to anything regarding the upcoming “Shadows Die Twice” title that was teased by Bandai Namco late last year at PSX in December 2017. The trademark was filed earlier today in Europe by Bandai Namco and discovered by ResetEra user yoonshik.

This recent trademark of Call to Exist has the internet curious considering its convenient timing with E3 2018 just around the corner in Los Angeles, California. The biggest gaming event of the year seems like the perfect place to announce a brand new title and the timing of this trademark seems to add up to an impending game announcement.

While many gamers will immediately think that Call to Exist is either the title of or relates in some fashion to the Shadows Die Twice game, that isn’t the only possibility. Many people believe that Shadows Die Twice is either a Tenchu or Bloodborne game, but it is entirely possible that Call to Exist is a different game entirely.

Call to Exist Trademark

This is because we haven’t heard anything about the project that is a collaboration between Bandai Namco and Life is Strange developer Dontnod Entertainment. Announced last summer, the game was touted as a “new narrative adventure experience” in the official press release. We haven’t heard anything regarding the project since its original announcement in August 2017.

With the release of Dontnod’s Vampyr in just a few short weeks, following that RPG up with an immediate announcement of the studio’s next game is a great way to keep the buzz going about the developer. Regardless of whether or not Call to Exist is the next Dontnod game, the Shadows Die Twice title, or something else entirely, we are sure to find out more very soon with E3 2018 taking place June 12th-14th.