Bandai Namco’s New HQ is Said to be in France

A new Bandai Namco HQ is exactly what the doctor ordered, especially since their Vancouver HQ closed only a few weeks back. Bandai Namco, for those who don’t know, are the publishers behind some of the biggest games in the world. The Witcher 3? Bandai Namco. The Tales of series? Also Bandai Namco. The upcoming Jump Force? You’ve guessed it, that too is part of Bandai Namco.

With so many titles under its belt, you might be wondering why Bandai Namco’s Vancouver didn’t become the success it seemed destined to be. Unfortunately, there is no real answer to that. And in truth? Closures like the one in Vancouver has been one of many – just look back at Telltale.

Regardless, the good news of a new HQ will no doubt please fans. According to MCV, construction of the new French HQ in Lyon will occur in 2019, to be finished in 2020. This is huge news and, arguably,  has the potential to further grow Bandai Namco’s image throughout Europe.

Bandai Namco HQ

Bandai Namco New HQ in France, Lyon: What does this mean?

As stated by MCV, the new HQ will seemingly “will be home to 150 and more staff from across 30 different nationalities” and will be focusing on “delivering a world-class, cutting-edge environment to accommodate the very best talent in the games industry.” Considering Bandai Namco’s future line-up, I can believe it.

Naoki Katashima, president and COO of Bandai Namco Entertainment Europe, also had words to say about the new HQ.

“Bandai Namco Entertainment Europe has been a proud resident of Lyon since 2009. We’re delighted to continue to base our Central European teams in this fantastic city.” He continued. “We’re currently working with developers across Europe, including France, to create the next generation of Bandai Namco Entertainment franchises.”

Are you excited for what these possibilities could mean? Let us know.