Massive Battlefield 5 Release Notes Span Over 130 Pages

Battlefield 5 is just two weeks away from release, and as such, DICE is going through its final preparations. In a recent Tweet, Multiplayer Producer David Sirland shared a look at the size of the Battlefield 5 Release/Launch notes. The enormous document spans over 130 pages and 22,000 words of content!

The Enormous Battlefield 5 Release Notes Document

This enormous Battlefield 5 release notes document will be made public by Thursday “at the very least,” according to Sirland. This will ensure that there is enough time for fans to go through the document before the game releases, both on the 20th and earlier for some players. Whether fans will actually want to devote the time to reading the entire tome is unclear, but it certainly could include interesting information. According to Jaqub Ajmal, another Producer at EA DICE who responded to Sirland’s Tweet saying that it took several developers two weeks to compile all of the notes!

One fan responded to Sirland’s Tweet with the suggestion that DICE release these sorts of notes in audio form so that it might be easier for fans to digest. Sirland noted that the sheer size of this upcoming document would make “forever”; however, he did seem receptive to the idea for smaller releases, such as for patch notes.

DICE has gone out of its way in recent months to provide fans with far more information than studios usually offer pre-launch; everything from map details to detailed patch notes and planned updates. The studio has also released six episodes of their “Dev Talks” series; videos where developers from DICE discuss what the studio is working on. DICE has also been very open with fans when it comes to micro-transactions and the Tides of War; the game’s post-launch content schedule. Considering EA’s track record on such topics, fans will no doubt appreciate a more communicative approach.