Battlefield 5 Update 6.2 Features a Major Rebalancing for Weapons

Battlefield 5’s Update 6.2, the first major update since the launch of Tides of War Chapter 6, is now available, and DICE has included a major rebalancing for the game’s weapons; something which fans have been requesting for some time after some very unpopular changes were made in a previous update. Along with the focus on weapons, the new update also adds full Tank Customisation to the game, a very long-awaited feature.

What’s New in Battlefield 5 Update 6.2

Of course, the biggest changes in Battlefield 5 Update 6.2 have been made to the game’s guns. The update resets most weapons’ base damage back to how it was in 5.0; hopefully assuaging the concerns of players who have been unhappy about recent changes in this area. Additionally, weapon damage will now be based on class rather than fire rate, with most guns doing greater damage at close range.

Battlefield 5 Update 6.2 Includes Major Weapon Balancing Changes 2

Weapon recoil and accuracy has also mostly returned to 5.0’s figures too, excluding the Type 2A, which has been better balanced within the SMG class. All bolt-action rifles now feature higher muzzle velocities, meaning that they will no longer be outperformed by other weapon classes at long range. According to DICE; “this adjustment will return Bolt Action Rifles to be the kings of long, and very long range combat.”

In addition to this overall weapon balancing, Update 6.2 features plenty of specific tweaks and changes to individual weapons. Be sure to check out the full patch notes if you want to delve into these precise changes. Update 6.2 also adds Tank Body Customisation to Battlefield 5, a very long-awaited feature indeed. The new customisation options include several dozen new cosmetic items, most of which are available to buy with Company Coin.

The update also includes some tweaks to the game’s latest maps, including Solomon Islands and Wake Island. For instance, a new limit ensures that each team on Wake Island can only have two active planes at once. Finally, the update also features an all-new audio prioritisation system. This new system should help to ensure that important sounds like footsteps aren’t lost because of performance limitations.