How The New Battlefield 5 Weapon Specialisations Work

Weapon Specialisations are one of several new features coming to Battlefield 5. The new system allows players to improve their primary weapons by applying a variety of different perks. However, DICE is clear that these Specialisations shouldn’t put new players at a disadvantage. In fact, one weapon for each class will have some of its Specialisations unlocked by default. As DICE prepares for the game’s November launch, the studio has released details of how the Battlefield 5 Weapon Specialisation system will work in practice.

The New Battlefield 5 Weapon Specialisations

“If you haven’t heard of these,” says DICE; “they’re a way to improve your primary weapons with various perks. By using your weapons in battle, and spending the in-game currency Company Coin you earn from doing so, you’ll unlock Specialisations. From the very first unlock, you get to choose the flavour. Every choice has its pros and cons, so choose wisely as you climb the Specialisation trees”. Each of the four starter weapons, one for each of the four classes, will have some Specialisations available from the start of the game. To begin with, these weapons will be on Rank 0. When players reach Rank 4 with them, they can re-spec the Specialisations as much as they want.

Weapon Specialisations Replace the Weapon Attachment System From Previous Games

To some extent, Weapon Specialisations replace the weapon attachments system which was in previous Battlefield games. Although there are fewer Specialisations, they are apparently both better on average, and more intuitive; “It’s our goal to give each weapon as much character and depth as we can,” says DICE. Note that Specialisations are completely separate from the visuals of the guns, due to player feedback. After Battlefield 4, DICE says that the Battlefield community didn’t like the fact that everybody inevitably ended up using the same two or three different weapon attachments and everyone’s guns looked the same.

The Example Battlefield 5 Weapon Specialisations Tree

To illustrate the Battlefield 5 Weapon Specialisation Tree, DICE takes a look at the EMP submachine gun. The weapon has eight different Weapon Specialisations, arranged into two trees; one on the left, and one on the right. There are also eight different paths which players can progress through the tree with. This layout will be the same for all the other primary weapons in Battlefield 5. Players will be able to re-spec their weapons too, and even take on Special Assignments specific to a given weapon. These Assignments will unlock unique cosmetic items, and DICE hints that completing all of these challenges will lead to golden weapon skins.

DICE Looks at the EMP as an Example of the Battlefield 5 Weapon Specialisation System

According to DICE, Specialisations in the left-hand tree tend to boost a weapon’s closer-range features. The right-hand tree tends to improve longer-range features. However, every Specialisation has its downsides.

The EMP’s left-hand tree Specialisations:

  • Slings and Swivels: Swapping to the EMP or sidearm is 0.65 seconds instead of 0.75, and you can shoot sooner after you sprint.
  • Enhanced Grips: Hip-fire spread is reduced by 25% and hip-fire range is improved by 33%.
  • Polished Action: Hip fire inaccuracy is reduced by 40%.
  • Recoil Buffer: Vertical recoil is reduced by 20%.

The EMP’s right-hand tree Specialisations:

  • Quick Aim: It will take 133ms instead of 200ms to line up the EMP.
  • Custom Stock: Spread is reduced by 33% while moving and aiming down sights.
  • Lightened Stock: Peek around corners 60% quicker when aiming down sights.
  • Barrel Bedding: Spread is reduced by 75% while aiming down sights.