Best Fortnite Controller Settings (Chapter 3 – Season 2)

Finding perfect Fortnite controller settings is quite a difficult task. Epic Games has implemented many advanced settings over the years that players are sometimes confused when changing them. Back when the game was just released, there were only a few different controller presets. However, players can completely customize controls, buttons, sensitivity settings, and other important things now.

Chapter 3 – Season 2 of the game has brought several big changes. Most importantly, there is the Zero Build game mode now which has the building mechanic disabled. Because of this, many players have decided to change their Fortnite controller settings and try out a different setup. Let’s check out the best suggested settings for the current season!

Best Fortnite controller settings in the current season

Before you change your Fortnite controller settings, please take a screenshot of your current settings. These screenshots will be useful if you don’t like the new settings or can’t get used to them. After all, it is very important that you are comfortable with the new settings, so save your current setup before you proceed!

Best Fortnite controller settings for the current season.
Best Fortnite controller settings for the current season.


  • Controller Auto Run – On (you can turn it off, but turning it on is recommended)
  • Build Immediately (Builder Pro) – On
  • Edit Hold Time – 0.100 seconds
  • Slide Hold Time – 0.100 seconds
  • Vibration – Personal preference, turn it off if you don’t like controller vibration


  • Look Sensitivity – 3
  • Aim Sensitivity (ADS) – 4
  • Build Mode Sensitivity Multiplier – 2.4x
  • Edit Mode Sensitivity Multiplier – 2.4x
  • Use Advanced Options – On

Advanced – Look Sensitivity

  • Look Horizontal Speed – 45%
  • Look Vertical Speed – 45%
  • Turning Horizontal & Vertical Boost – Both at 0%
  • Turning Boost Ramp Time – 0.00 seconds
  • Instant Boost When Building – Off

Advanced – Aim Down Sights (ADS) Sensitivity

  • Look Horizontal Speed – 13%
  • Look Vertical Speed – 12%
  • Turning Horizontal Boost & Vertical – Both at 0%
  • Turning Boost Ramp Time – 0.00 seconds

Advanced – Sensitivity

  • Look Dampening Time – 0.00 seconds
  • Look Input Curve – Linear
  • Aim Assist Strength – 100%

Controller Deadzone

  • Left Stick Deadzone – 13%
  • Right Stick Deadzone – 13%

Are these Fortnite controller settings right for you?

You should try these Fortnite controller settings and see how they work out for you! However, make sure you first try them either in Creative mode or in a bot lobby. Furthermore, keep in mind that these settings may not be the best for you. After all, you need to get used to them and be comfortable in order to win games with these settings.