Big Changes to Olympus Coming in Apex Legends Legacy

While the upcoming ninth season of Apex Legends – Legacy – doesn’t include a new map (at least not for battle royale), it does include some major changes for one of the existing maps. A new ship is coming to Olympus, and with it, a strange and rapidly-spreading plant.

Apex Legends Legacy: Map Changes for Olympus

“A rogue fleet of ships from outer space has breached the atmosphere of Psamathe,” explains Respawn; “Its lead vessel, The Icarus, has docked with Olympus, bringing with it a viscous, parasitic plant of unknown origin. The resulting outbreak begins to take root along the surface of Olympus and the accompanying vessels can be seen from as far away as the Docks.”

Apex Legends Legacy Olympus Map Changes

Indeed, the enormous root-like tendrils are immediately visible across the map, spreading out of The Icarus and along the structure behind. The ship itself is open and serves as a new drop location. With a plethora of loot available inside, it could quickly become a preferred landing site for players. Interestingly, the ship’s new location has broken the long line of sight which stretched from Orbital Cannon to Bonsai Hillside. No longer will snipers be able to see all the way across the area.

Interestingly, The Icarus holds something beyond regular loot. The ship contains several corpses, and beside one, a keycard will spawn randomly. This keycard provides access to the ship’s bridge, which contains very high-quality loot. However, if you pick the keycard up and then die, it can be looted from your death box. As such, it may make you more of a target for enemy players.

In addition to The Icarus, Olympus is getting several other small changes. For instance, two of the redeploy balloons will be removed; the ones outside Golden Gardens and Orbital Cannon. The removal of the latter specifically prevents players from easily redeploying from one side of The Icarus to the other. Other redeploy ballons have also had their height reduced, meaning that players can no longer travel as far with them.