BioWare Hints at Mass Effect’s Future for N7 Day

November 7 has become a sort of unofficial holiday for Mass Effect fans, affectionately known as “N7 Day.” Yesterday was this year’s N7 day and Mass Effect developer BioWare acknowledged the day as usual. However, BioWare also dropped a few cryptic hints that it might be working on a new Mass Effect project.

Mass Effect N7 Day Hints

As Mass Effect fans know, the series has come upon hard times as of late. Behind-the-scenes drama led to a disappointing launch for 2017’s Mass Effect Andromeda, the fourth major release in the series. BioWare originally planned to release single-player DLC for Andromeda, but those plans were ultimately scrapped. Soon after, the Mass Effect series was officially put on ice as BioWare moved on to its upcoming game Anthem.

Mass Effect Andromeda may have flopped, but the series isn't dead.

For N7 day, however, BioWare posted the below tweet on its official Twitter account. The tweet includes a video montage of fans and BioWare members recalling why Mass Effect is important to them. One of the BioWare folks featured is none other than studio head Casey Hudson. During his segment, Hudson gives what appears to be a knowing glance as he sips from a mug. On the mug is printed a classic Commander Shepard line: “I should go.”

Hudson’s stare, the mug, and his vague reference to “the next great Mass Effect game” sure seem like a tease. Then there’s the tweet itself, referring directly to “a glimpse at the future of Mass Effect.” Again, it could be nothing, but there sure are a lot of circumstantial clues to pick up on. After all, the Mass Effect series was never completely cancelled, just put on the backburner.

For now, BioWare undoubtedly has its hands full with Anthem. However, the N7 Day Twitter post proves that the studio hasn’t forgotten about its most iconic property. Also, Andromeda has gotten a new update on Xbox One X which ups the game’s graphical fidelity.

As for Anthem, BioWare has been slowly detailing how it will handle a live service game. If you want to celebrate N7 day more properly, there are ways to do that too.