Call Of Duty: Black Ops 4 Scorestreaks – Overview And Descriptions

Killstreaks, or Scorestreaks as they are known in Black Ops 4, are a staple of the Call of Duty series. Granting additional help from command, they can easily turn the tide of a battle when used in the right moments. They also provide a feeling of scale and epicness.

During a game, as you kill enemies and complete objectives, your score will increase. When your score reaches a certain level, it will unlock a Scorestreak. This is why they are called Scorestreaks. Unlike Killstreaks in earlier games, they are no longer dependent on the amount of kills you make, but rather your overall score.

So let’s look at the ones that are available in Black Ops 4. We will be looking at each individual scorestreak, their cost, and what they do. In addition to the base cost I will also be listing the reduced cost you get with the COMSEC device. The COMSEC device is available in Create A Class as additional gear.

Call Of Duty: Black Ops 4 – Scorestreaks

Name: RC-XD
Cost: 450 (350 with COMSEC Device)

The RC-XD should be familiar to COD players already as it made its appearance in Black Ops 3. Put bluntly, it is a remote controlled miniature car strapped with explosives that you detonate when you push the button. Think of it as that RC car you had as a kid, but with an added tactical advantage.

Name: DART
Cost: 500 (400 with COMSEC Device)

Another scorestreak making its return from earlier games. The DART is an anti-personell drone that flies around the battlefield and fires at enemies. You can remotely detonate it, or detonate it on impact. It’s similar to the RC-XD but has more utility being airborne.

Name: UAV
Cost: 550 (450 with COMSEC Device)

The UAV is a staple scorestreak that upon activation reveals all enemies in the fog of war on your map. The disadvantage is that its very visible and you can easily shoot it down using a rocket launcher.

Name: Care Package
Cost: 600 (500 with COMSEC Device)

With a care package drop, you can bring a little Christmas joy to the battlefield as these contain a random scorestreak. You never quite know what you will get, so these can truly be exciting to call in. Just watch out as the enemy can grab it too. With the Engineer perk you can boobytrap care packages though, giving the enemy a nasty surprise. So if you see a care package the enemy does not want, IT’S A TRAP!

Name: Counter-UAV
Cost: 650 (550 with COMSEC Device)

The Counter-UAV is, as its name implies, the retaliation to a UAV. Where the UAV reveals your location on the map, the Counter-UAV sends out a jamming signal that scrambles the enemy’s map. Like the UAV however it is still easily visible in the sky, and easily shot down with a rocket launcher.

Name: Hellstorm
Cost: 850 (700 with COMSEC Device)

With this scorestreak you can call in a controllable Hellstorm missile. Upon launch you can fire out a cluster of homing missiles on targets below. And hopefully be able to hit someone with the main missile as well.

Name: Lightning Strike
Cost: 900 (700 with COMSEC Device)

Sometimes you just wanna call in an airstrike. Well, what are you waiting for? With the lightning strike you do just that, calling in an airstrike on 3 locations. When the enemy is calling in a lightning strike, the best thing is to run for cover ASAP.

Name: Sentry
Cost: 950 (750 with COMSEC Device)

Sentries are automated turrets that target enemy players, vehicles and equipment. Plop one down in an advantageous position and watch the points roll in. Of course, it can easily be disabled using EMP grenades but, don’t tell that to your friends.

Name: Drone Squad
Cost: 1000 (800 with COMSEC Device)

In need of some backup? Call in a squad of autonomous drones with machine gun turrets. That’ll show the enemy team! Until they shoot them down of course. But it’ll show them!

Name: Mantis
Cost: 1050 (850 with COMSEC Device)

No, it will not cause your device to display a fake bluescreen, or do weird things with your controller rumble function. Or read the contents of your hard drive. It will however be quite useful in battle. The Mantis is a quadrupedal combat robot, heavily armored. You can also control it remotely, which is always fun.

Name: Sniper’s Nest
Cost: 1100 (900 with COMSEC Device)

In need of some more backup? Call in 2 heli snipers and watch as your enemies get their asses kicked by your new best friends. Until they are shot down with rocket launchers of course. Now you know what loss feels like.

Name: Attack Chopper
Cost: 1200 (950 with COMSEC Device)

Well isn’t this fun? Your own pet attack chopper! Watch him fly around and send your enemies into a flying rage! Oh… someone shot him down with rocket launchers. RIP, Attack Chopper.

Name: Thresher
Cost: 1250 (1000 with COMSEC Device)

Unrelated to the Borderlands 2 enemy, the Thresher is an AI piloted strafe run that brings some serious DOOM to your DOOMED enemies. It carries a heavy machine gun and fires rockets of DOOM! I’m gonna sing the doom song now!

Name: Strike Team
Cost: 1350 (1050 with COMSEC Device)

Using this you can call in 2 elite armored soldiers that drop in from a chopper to clear out a position. You can command them to move by holding the use button. If only making real friends was this easy.

Name: Gunship
Cost: 1600 (1350 with COMSEC Device)

Ever wanted to be a gunner in a close air support gunship? Ever wanted to lose friends really fast? Then this might be worth getting if you can get your score up this high (good luck with that). This is the ultimate scorestreak, and will take some serious luck to achieve (or serious haxx).

And that about covers it, those are the Scorestreaks in Black Ops 4. Granted not all of them will be available to you from the get-go. You will have to earn some levels before you unlock most of them. And you can only use 3 of them in a match. But once you have all of them unlocked, you can provide a lot of support for your team if you are able to get a good score.