Borderlands 3 Bloody Harvest Event Gets Tweaked by Latest Patch

The Borderlands 3 Bloody Harvest event is currently in full swing; having begun towards the end of October, it is scheduled to run throughout this month, before coming to an end in early December. However, Gearbox has today made several alterations to the event in the latest round of Borderlands 3 hotfixes. These changes are mostly focused on loot drop rates, especially for the new event enemies.

Changes to the Borderlands 3 Bloody Harvest Event

The Borderlands 3 Bloody Harvest event adds new Ghost enemies who drop a unique resource called Hecktoplasm; a resource which is used to access the special event area where players can fight Captain Haunt. Gearbox has chosen to increase the amount of Hecktoplasm that certain enemies will drop. This should make accessing the area less of a grind. Ghosts will now drop 2, Badass Ghosts will drop 3, while Loot Ghosts will drop 5. In fact, Loot Ghosts will also now drop more loot overall, and have a greater chance of dropping Bloody Harvest legendary event gear.

Borderlands 3 Bloody Harvest Hotfixes Latest Patch 2

Captain Haunt himself has also gotten some changes in the latest patch. “Captain Haunt is a fun boss fight with multiple phases,” explains Gearbox; “but players were often skipping entire phases because Captain Haunt’s shields were so low. We increased his shields to make the fight slightly more engaging for most players and dramatically increased the loot drop chance, so players are compensated nicely for defeating Captain Haunt”. What this means in practice is that Haunt now has stronger shields but also has a higher chance of dropping legendary gear.

In addition to all of that, the new hotfixes also change the drop rate of Terror Anointed parts in response to community feedback. Standard enemies are now less likely to drop these parts. However, Bloody Harvest event enemies are now more likely to do so. Finally, the patch does fix several bugs. The most significant of these is a bug which made Anointed enemies immune to Cryo damage. Gearbox also changed explosion effects caused by Badass enemies’ weapons to be faster; “We found that Badass enemies with heavy weapons were creating too many explosion effects that lingered on the screen,” they explain; “hindering the player’s view at times.”