Borderlands 3 Designer’s Cut DLC Brings New Game Mode & Skill Trees

The Borderlands 3 Designer’s Cut DLC, the first expansion of the game’s second season, is now available, alongside the new Season Pass. Unlike the four previous story add-ons, the Designer’s Cut DLC features a new skill tree for all four Vault Hunters, as well as the major new Arms Race game mode.

The Borderlands 3 Designer’s Cut DLC

Where the first season of Borderlands 3 DLC included four major story expansions, Season 2 is taking a different approach, with only two add-ons; the Designer’s Cut and Director’s Cut. These can be bought separately, or alternatively, are included with all past DLC in the new Borderlands 3 Ultimate Edition. Rather than story content, these new expansions focus on delivering new game modes, Vault Hunter skills, and other supplementary content.

The Designer’s Cut is available from today alongside the new Ultimate and Next-Level Editions of the game, as well as the Borderlands 3 next-gen upgrade. The headline feature of the DLC is a new skill tree which will be available for each of the four Vault Hunters. Amara gains Enlightened Force, with the new Phaseflare ability. FL4K gains Trapper, which grants them access to the Gravity Snare and new pet ION Loader Bot. Moze’s new tree is Bear Mother, which gives her the Iron Cub ability. This allows her to spawn her mech as a smaller companion robot. Finally, Zane gains the Professional tree, with the MNTIS Shoulder Cannon ability.

Alongside the new skill trees, the Designer’s Cut DLC also includes Arms Race; a major new game mode with some returning characters. “An all new roguelike challenge,” explains Gearbox; “where you and your friends drop in with nothing and have to battle to find and extract loot”. The game mode is “the galaxy’s premier reality murder show,” according to the studio, and is hosted by Axton and Salvador; both playable Vault Hunters from Borderlands 2.