Certain Rage 2 Pre-Orders Include A Free Copy of The Original Rage

With a week to go until launch, Bethesda has announced another pre-order incentive for Rage 2. Those who pre-order from certain retailers can brush up on the original Rage courtesy of a free game copy.

Rage 2 Free Rage Copy Pre-Order Bonus

Rage 2 free copy of Rage with pre-order

We first spotted the free Rage copy pre-order offer via a Rage 2 ad from Green Man Gaming. According to the ad, all GMG pre-orders of Rage 2 come with a free copy of Rage. The offer applies to both the game’s standard and deluxe editions.

Based on our own internal research, the free copy of Rage appears to be a GMG-exclusive offer. Other PC-based retailers like Humble Bundle and even Bethesda’s own online store make no mention of the offer. GMG VIP members also get a 20 percent discount when pre-ordering. This brings Rage 2’s price down to $47.99 for the standard edition and $63.99 for the deluxe edition respectively.

Of course, a free copy of Rage is just one of several pre-order incentives on offer. Other pre-order perks include instant access to certain in-game cheats and an exclusive ‘Cult of the Death God’ mission. Completing the exclusive mission unlocks a unique vehicle and gear themed around original Rage protagonist Nicholas Raine. The Nicholas Raine gear includes a pistol and armor.

Those who spring for the pricier Rage 2 deluxe edition can unlock several additional perks. The deluxe edition includes, among other things, the iconic BFG weapon from Doom and the ‘Rise of the Ghosts’ expansion. Developer id Software hasn’t disclosed what the Rise of the Ghosts expansion entails just yet. We do know, however, that the expansion arrives sometime during the summer, 2019 season.

Rage 2 launches in exactly one week on Tuesday, May 14, so get your pre-orders in while you can. After launch, id Software will support the game with both live online content and structured DLC additions.