Last Chance to Unlock the Battlefield 5 Panzerbüchse 39 Rifle

If you tend to play the Recon class in Battlefield 5 and haven’t yet completed the latest Battlefield 5 Weekly Challenge, it may well be worth your time. Indeed, this week, DICE is offering players the chance to unlock the Panzerbüchse 39 anti-materiel rifle; a powerful sniper rifle and a highly useful tool to have in your Recon arsenal. However, you only have a few days left to complete the challenge, so be sure to set aside some time in the next couple of days to complete it.

How to Complete the Latest Battlefield Weekly Challenge

To unlock the Panzerbüchse 39, you’ll need to complete this week’s Battlefield 5 Weekly Challenge; starting with Taking Control and ending with Ace in the Sleeve. However, you don’t need to complete every objective on the list. You just need to complete enough to forge a route through the objective list to the final reward. Of course, you will get Chapter XP from completing each objective, so there’s no downside to being completionist in this instance.

Battlefield 5 Weekly Challenge Panzerbuchse 39
  • Taking Control (4,000 Chapter XP); For the first objective this week, you’ll need to earn 1,000 objective score through any means.
  • Underhanded (12,000 Chapter XP); For this simple objective, you just need to inflict a total of 2,500 damage.
  • Guardian Angels (12,000 Chapter XP); For Guardian Angels, you need to revive your teammates a total of 50 times.
  • Fire for Effect (12,000 Chapter XP); To complete this objective, you must kill or down enemies 30 times. Note that fully suppressing an enemy counts for the purpose of completing this objective too.
  • Stick to the Plan (4,000 Chapter XP); For this objective, you simply need to capture 5 objectives.
  • No One Will Ever Know (12,000 XP); You need to win 2 rounds of Squad Conquest to complete this objective.
  • Raiding Party (12,000 XP); More specific than previous objectives, you’ll complete this one once you and your squadmates either kill or down a total of 12 enemies with either bayonets or melee weapons.
  • Deadly Treasures (12,000 XP); For this objective, you’ll need to earn 5,000 score by resupplying your teammates’ ammo.
  • Ace in the Sleeve (25,000 XP); The final objective this week – to get Ace in the Sleeve you just need to call in 10 Reinforcements.
  • Boomstick (12,000 XP); This week’s Weekly Challenge features this single optional objective. Indeed, you actually can’t complete it until after you complete the challenge proper. To complete Boomstick and earn an extra 12,000 XP, you need to inflict a total of 3,000 damage with the Panzerbüchse 39.