A Closer Look at the DualSense Grip Texturing is Surprising

Back in April, Sony unveiled the DualSense, which will be the controller for the PlayStation 5. You probably think you spotted most of what was exciting about the controller back then. But you might have missed a small detail regarding the DualSense grip texturing which is well worth appreciating. Let’s check it out.

Check Out the Details of the DualSense Grip Texturing

The DualSense has grip texturing to help you keep a steady hold on the controller when your hands are sweaty (or greasy from eating too many chips). That part you probably already know. But it turns out that the texturing itself is not what you’d expect if you zoom in closely.

Normally, grip texturing on a controller would just look like little bumps. But a close look at the DualSense grip texturing reveals more specific shapes, namely the shapes of the symbols on PlayStation controller buttons. You’ll see circles, squares, triangles and x’s when you look carefully.

Are these shapes more functional than the traditional dots? Probably no more nor less functional, no. But they are certainly more stylish, and show the painstaking effort that Sony has gone to in order to perfect every aspect of the controller, at least in terms of appearance. Basically, if it performs half as well as it looks, it should be pretty amazing. It seems pretty cool in terms of features. Let’s just hope it is also durable and offers plenty of use before needing replacement (having gone though plenty of DualShocks, this is something that concerns us).

It’s crazy to think about, but we just have a few months left to go before we get to November. So, we are expecting plenty of news between now and then regarding the PlayStation 5. Keep up with all of our updates in our PlayStation news section.