New Combat Improvements are Coming to Fallout 76

As E3 looms on the horizon, Bethesda is preparing to roll out Patch 10 for Fallout 76. The game’s Wild Appalachia content schedule is now over, and with news of the next phase likely to be revealed at E3, this patch focuses mostly on general improvements and adjustments. Specifically, it will be making some significant improvements to Fallout 76 combat.

The Upcoming Fallout 76 Combat Improvements

Bethesda delved into the changes coming in Patch 10 in their latest Inside the Vault blog post. The patch doesn’t yet have a precise release date, but it will be coming at some point in June. The first big addition coming in the update is a new display option; Show Damage Numbers. This will allow players to turn on and off the ability to see exact damage numbers when they hit with attacks.

The next change concerns drawing and holstering weapons. Patch 10 will allow players to cancel a weapon’s holstering and drawing animations if you fire the weapon during the animation. This means that you won’t get stuck in an animation if you’re caught by surprise. Bethesda also has a plan to make player shooting even more precise; they will be reducing the time it takes players to aim down pistol iron sights and most scopes. In fact, several guns that don’t currently have targeting reticules will be getting them. This list includes Auto Grenade Launchers, Broadsiders, Fat Mans, Gatling weapons (but not Gatling Laser Guns), Harpoon Guns, 50 Cal Machine Guns, Miniguns, and even Paddle Balls.

Another change to weapon animations is that, as of Patch 10, players will be able to sprint straight away after firing a weapon. Moreover, you will be able to cancel reloading animations by sprinting too. Until now, sprinting has imposed a brief reduction in look sensitivity for players using controllers. This will be removed in Patch 10. Finally, Bethesda will also be adding some new customisation settings to the game based on player feedback. These include inverting the X-axis input, as well as adjusting horizontal and vertical look sensitivities separately.

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