Cyber Monday 2018 Sale: EA Sports UFC 3 for PS4, Xbox One Available for Major Discount

Fans of mixed martial arts game, EA Sports UFC 3, can find a sweet Cyber Monday 2018 sale either online or in stores. The game features the latest roster of UFC fighters available for simulation of MMA dream matches. That includes simulating an upcoming pay-per-view main event, such as UFC 231 Holloway vs. Ortega. Here are the latest Cyber Monday 2018 deals going on for those trying to pick up a copy of UFC 3.

Cyber Monday 2018 Sale: UFC 3 in-store deals

The Cyber Monday holiday gives everyone who missed out on deals in stores an opportunity to buy at great prices online. EA is promoting that today, the UFC 3 video game is slashed in price by up to 70 percent, based on where one buys it. Fight sports fans will love this game featuring MMA star Conor McGregor as the cover athlete.

Among the retailers shown at EA’s website are Best Buy, Gamestop, Target, and Walmart. The game will cost $39.99 at most of these retailers for a physical copy of the game. The game is available for PlayStation 4 or the Xbox One (or Xbox One X Enhanced) video game systems.

Some savvy shoppers may have other discounts such as gift cards or deals they can take advantage of. This makes for a great gift as a physical game to wrap up and give someone for the holidays, but it isn’t the lowest deal available.

Cyber Monday 2018 sale: Top deal for UFC 3 game online

To get the game for 70 percent off, one will need to purchase it through one of the game platform’s online stores. The game is currently available as a digital download, so it will go straight to the PlayStation 4 or Xbox One console. Gamers can start playing it immediately after it’s installed and updated.

To get the deal, head over to the PlayStation Store or Microsoft’s Xbox Live store. One can get the PS4 standard version of the game for just $17.99 right now. The Xbox One (or X Enhanced) standard version is down to $24 regular. Xbox Live Go Gold members pay just $18 right now.

The Deluxe Edition of the game will cost just a bit more. It’s available for $19.99 for PlayStation 4 gamers through PlayStation Store. For the Xbox One/X Enhanced gamers, the Deluxe costs $26.40 regular price. It’s available for $20 flat with an Xbox Live Go Gold membership. So for slightly more money, gamers will get even more features packed into the Deluxe version.

The popular MMA simulation game has a 7.5 out of 10 from several major reviewer sites including IGN and Polygon. It also has a 75% aggregate score via Metacritic website. A full gameplay video shows off the game’s visuals and exciting features.

Check out all of the latest UFC 3 Cyber Monday 2018 sale prices here at EA Sports’ website. Keep in mind these prices may be good for only Monday, November 26.

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