Death Stranding PS4 Box Art Revealed at Comic-Con

If you were hoping to learn more about Death Stranding during this year’s Comic-Con, you won’t be disappointed. In fact, one Twitter user who was attending Comic-Con managed to snap some photos of the Death Stranding PS4 box art as well as the art for the Death Stranding steelbook.

Here is the Death Stranding PS4 Box Art

Twitter user @kalai_chik was able to share some updates from the Death Stranding panel. Below, you can view the Death Stranding PS4 box art:

Sam Bridges is featured on the cover.

You can also see the steelbook below:

The design of the steelbook is almost exactly like the PS4 cover, except for a couple of key differences. While the character’s pose is the same, he is not wearing a helmet in the steelbook image, whereas he is in the PS4 box art image. Another difference is all the dirt on his face in the steelbook image, which is not present in the image featured on the PS4 box art.

Both of the images are simple but eye-catching and memorable. Like everything else which we see and hear about Death Stranding, they serve to make us more excited than ever about the game.

The same Twitter user who shared these images also posted some other updates about Death Stranding during Comic-Con. So it is worth taking some time to check them out when you get the chance.

Pretty much everyone is intrigued by Death Stranding and excited to learn more about Hideo Kojima’s upcoming game. As more news comes out about Death Stranding, we’ll be sure to keep you posted. We’ll also let you know what else we learn about this and other games during this year’s Comic-Con. Keep checking back with VGR so you don’t miss a single update on any of the most anticipated upcoming games!