Derwin James Battles Tyreek Hill for The Checkdown Madden 20 Tournament Championship on Twitch

On Thursday night, The Checkdown Madden 20 Tournament championship game took place on Twitch and there was a clear cut winner. It was the Los Angeles Chargers’ Derwin James taking on the Kansas City Chiefs’ Tyreek Hill. Once the trash talking was over and the final whistle sounded, one NFL star could call themselves tournament champion.

Derwin James, Tyreek Hill advance to The Checkdown Madden 20 Tournament Final

Heading into Thursday night’s action, there was a fierce final four consisting of the Philadelphia Eagles’ DeSean Jackson, Cleveland Browns’ Denzel Ward, Chiefs’ Hill, and Chargers’ James. All four were worthy competitors, but only two could move on to The Checkdown Madden 20 Tournament final for the championship.

In the first semifinals matchup, Hill took on Ward. The Super Bowl champion would use the Chicago Bears and picked up a convincing 41-21 victory over Ward as the Houston Texans.

The second semifinals matchup pitted Madden Invitational Tournament champ Derwin James against Jackson. James showed once again why he’s the best around when it comes to NFL players who are amazingly good at Madden. He went on to take down Jackson by putting 50 on the virtual scoreboard with the San Francisco 49ers. Jackson, using the Chiefs, could only manage 27 in this virtual rematch of the Super Bowl teams.

Derwin James takes home another championship

Is there any surprise that Derwin James was able to get the big win in The Checkdown Madden 20 Tournament? He promised he’d score 50 in his championship win and did exactly that. Much like he did to Vick, James defeated Hill in embarrassing fashion. The Chargers defensive star put up 52 points and held Hill’s Bears to just three for the game. That’s right folks, James is your champ after a 52-3 victory in the final.

While Derwin James gets the bragging rights for a second-straight Madden tournament, it also was for a very big cause right now. The Madden 20 Checkdown Tournament was to help raise awareness and support for COVID-19 relief efforts. The two-night event seemed to be a big hit as it live-streamed on Twitch. That should pave the way for Friday night’s NBA 2K Players-Only Tournament. The 2K event takes place on ESPN as the next big sports video game tourney.

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