Desert Map Miramar is Coming to PUBG Mobile

PUBG Mobile is getting a sizeable new update that includes one very big improvement to the miniature version of the popular game. Along with a slew of other augments, the mobile game is getting the fan-favorite desert map Miramar as part of the new May update, which is available as of today.

It’s interesting to note that the Xbox One version of Miramar still isn’t around to stay just yet, and PUBG Mobile is getting permanent access to the desert map ahead of console owners. This is a curious little tidbit, but obviously consoles require more testing than other platforms for various reasons, so it’s not too surprising — just intriguing.

An official tweet via the PUBG Mobile Twitter account broke the news, as the developers lined out some of the features you’ll see in today’s big update. It’s all a part of Patch 0.5.0, the beginning of PUBG Mobile’s second season, which will start adding in new cosmetic content later on down the line as well as an upcoming stat reset to help players keep track of everything they’ve accomplished during each season. A series of new “Progress Missions” will be available to complete as well, which let players unlock new rewards by completing weekly objectives, much like Fortnite’s round of quests you can finish up each week.

There’s a new PUBG Mobile shop in-game now as well, where you can purchase additional cosmetic items and a “Secret Stash,” which lets you buy certain items at a discount. These goodies should rotate out on a regular basis.

In terms of technical improvements, Patch 0.5.0 will also be bringing improved sound effects, camera smoothness, language-specific chat, and a host of other augments to help the game be the best it can be — seeing as it’s the mobile version of PUBG and all. Make sure you snag the update and jump into Miramar today, because it’s a great day to be a PUBG Mobile player!