Destiny 2 Jokers Wild Release Date: When Does the Next Expansion Release?

There is so much to do currently in Destiny 2 like complete the Izanami Forge and take on weekly Forsaken bounties. Both of these activities are tied directly into the most recent DLC expansions Forsaken and Black Armory. However, if you’re looking to the future, you might want to know what the Destiny 2 Jokers Wild release date is. That’s where we come in.

After all, there is a good portion of Destiny 2 players who are already done with the current content. Even though there are occasionally new things added, there isn’t much for the hardcore players. That’s why it’s important to know when the┬áDestiny 2 Jokers Wild release date is. In this guide, we are going to let you know when you can expect this upcoming DLC expansion.

Destiny 2 Jokers Wild Release Date

Destiny 2 Jokers Wild release date

Joker’s Wild is the fifth DLC expansion in total for Destiny 2. It will also be the first DLC expansion in year three of the game. If the life cycle of the first Destiny is anything go by, it will likely be one of the last few expansions, too. With Forsaken releasing in September 2018 and Black Armory December 2018, when is Joker’s Wild?

The Destiny 2 Jokers Wild release date is currently set for Spring 2019. Unfortunately, no specific release date has been given just yet. In addition, we don’t know when Bungie will reveal information regarding the expansion either currently. However, we do expect that to come a month or so before the expansion’s release. So, when we do expect it?

Well, being that it’s set for Spring 2019, we expect the Destiny 2 Jokers Wild release date to be somewhere between March and June. Our personal guess, though, is probably in the month of May. This would be similar to previous expansions like Warmind. As for after Joker’s Wild, there is one more expansion Penumbra set for sometime in Summer 2019.