Destiny 2: New Telesto Infinite Ammo Exploit Found

If you are wondering which is the most controversial weapon in Destiny? Well, we have the answer – it’s Telesto. Telesto is an exotic fusion rifle originally introduced back in Destiny 1 which now has made its way in Destiny 2. Since its release in the game, Telesto has broken the game on many occasions. Back in Forsaken, Telesto was used to bypass the actual mechanics in the Blind Well activity.

New Telesto Bug Grants Infinite Ammo in Destiny 2

Destiny 2 Instant Super

Recently, players have found another game-breaking bug with this exotic fusion rifle that can get you your super almost instantly. All you had to do is fire Telesto on the ground and throw your grenade on the weapon’s bolts. Good thing is, Bungie disabled the weapon and acted on the fix immediately.

Today, we have yet another Besto bug in Destiny 2. I have a feeling that Telesto won’t make it in Destiny 2 considering all the bugs and exploits this weapon has caused. With the release of Season of Dawn in Destiny 2, Bungie has released a new mod called Heavy Handed which can get the half of your melee ability back on melee kills. There is a second perk called Lock and Load which states, “While surrounded by multiple enemies, defeating an enemy with a Fusion Rifle, Shotgun, Sidearm, or Submachine Gun adds ammo for that weapon to your reserves.

For Telesto, when surrounded by enemies, each of its bolts counts as an enemy kill which grants you special ammo on each bolt detonation. According to the Reddit post, you need one other arc mod on your armor pieces in order for this exploit to work. Bungie did comment on this bug saying, “We’re also investigating the issue with switching weapons and sprinting affecting Blink.” I hope they fix this bug as soon as possible. What are your thoughts on this? Let us know in the comments!

Destiny 2: Shadowkeep will be hitting PlayStation 4, Xbox One and PC, on October 1, 2019, and November 19, 2019, on Google Stadia.