New Detroit: Become Human 1.06 Patch Fixes One of the Game’s Biggest Bugs

Yesterday, Quantic Dream released a new patch for Detroit: Become Human. The version 1.06 patch is fairly small; far less than even 1 GB (just 200 MB in total). However, it appears to have finally fixed one of the worst Detroit: Become Human bugs; nonexistent flowchart nodes which made it impossible to get 100% completion in the game.

Detroit: Become Human Version 1.06

The latest patch for Detroit: Become Human is version 1.06, released yesterday. Among various fixes and tweaks, the update patched one of the most frustrating Detroit: Become Human bugs. In each chapter of the game, players can access a flowchart which details all possible events as nodes. This allows players to replay sections, in order to explore alternate options and get 100% completion. However, that completion has thus far remained impossible to attain, thanks to a bug which caused three nodes, each on a different flowchart, to be permanently inaccessible.

Three Different Inaccessible Nodes Appeared in the Game's Flowcharts

Although the 1.06 patch notes do not explicitly explain this fix, a Reddit user by the name of HorseySeven explained when it had fixed; “For Fugitives, there was a node that was left locked. In the supermarket, when you threaten the cashier, and he pulls his gun out on you, there was supposedly a third option, but only two were ever shown. The node has been removed from the flowchart.

“For On the Run, there was a node just outside of the grouping where Connor Investigates the Squat. No one ever found what node it was, and it was deemed a glitch. That node has also been removed from the flowchart.

“For Battle for Detroit – Kara – Leaving Detroit, there was one node in the grouping “Avoid Temperature Check”, which was never found, and was deemed a glitch. That node has been removed from the flowchart as well.”

Now that the glitched nodes have been removed, players should finally be able to attain 100% completion of Detroit: Become Human.