DICE Apologizes for Battlefield 5 Launch Delay With Free Items

DICE had originally planned to release Battlefield 5 on the 19th of October. However, last month the studio announced that it would be pushing the game’s release back to November instead. Since then, DICE has been extremely open about the game’s upcoming content and the changes and tweaks being made. Now, the studio has announced that they will be gifting all players two free in-game items by way of apology for the release date delay.

Two Free Items in Battlefield 5 at Launch

On the 19th of October, the General Manager of DICE, Oskar Gabrielson, posted a video on Twitter to explain the item giveaway; “Today we were going to launch Battlefield 5,” he says; “but as you know we pushed the release a month to get extra time for polish and act on all the feedback you’ve given us. You’ve been super patient with us and as a token of our appreciation, our team built a small gift. Check it out!”

DICE Offers Battlefield 5 Players 2 Free Items

The two items which players will receive are an emblem and a helmet. These items will be gained automatically when players log into Battlefield 5 for the first time. All players will gain access to these items, whether or not they pre-ordered the game, or any other factors. Both the helmet and the emblem bear the word “SNAFU,” with the letter A represented with the V from Battlefield V’s title upside-down. These will be available for all of the game’s classes in the soldier customisation options.

“We believe we have one of the best Battlefield games ever on our hands,” says Gabrielson; “a game that will deliver on an emotional journey through the return of unseen single player War Stories, a deep multiplayer experience, Battle Royale, along with our new live service, Tides of War – a journey across multiple theatres of WW2 and designed to keep our community together.”