How DICE is Changing Gunplay After the Battlefield 5 Open Beta

Gunplay is one of the most important gameplay elements of a shooter like Battlefield 5. As such, the aspect is one of DICE’s top priorities for development. The studio recently published details of what their goals are for the game’s gunplay. They also detail exactly where they will be tweaking and improving Battlefield 5 gunplay following feedback from the Open Beta.

How DICE is Tweaking Battlefield 5 Gunplay After the Open Beta

To start their look at Battlefield 5 gunplay, DICE turns to the StG 44 assault rifle; one of the weapons which was in the Open Beta. According to DICE; “we were happy with some aspects of it, less happy with others”. Apparently, the StG 44 is meant to be a jack-of-all-trades. However, DICE found that it was over-performing at short-to-medium range. As such, it’s getting some tweaks.

LMGs Are Getting Recoil Reductions

Players who were in the Open Beta also reported that weapon sights could be too dark. DICE will be tweaking the tint on these sights to make cross-hairs more obvious and clear. The other firearm which is receiving plenty of attention are Light Machine Guns. DICE reports that the bipod animations have been fixed, as they were slightly broken during the beta. They have also implemented new recoil changes to lower the impact of LMG recoil. The studio singles out the KE7 LMG, which has been seen more significant reductions in recoil; “It’s a heavier weapon class,” explains DICE; “but we’ve made it slightly more user-friendly when it comes to both horizontal and vertical recoil.”

Of course, DICE will be doing as much by way of improvements before the November release, but that won’t be the end of development. Players should expect plenty more tweaks and changes to come post-launch in patches and content updates. The Tides of War post-launch schedule is set to introduce a lot of content to Battlefield 5 after November.