DOOM Will Be Added To Xbox Game Pass This Week

DOOM is coming to Xbox Game Pass this week on Friday, August 10. Xbox Game Pass already has an impressive list full of big titles available for subscribers. Each week, a new game is added to that list and DOOM is this week’s big game. You can subscribe to this engine for only $10 per month.

Neither id Software nor Bethesda Softworks have announced the addition of DOOM to Xbox Game Pass. But, there has been a newsletter going around to the subscribers that informs them about the DOOM 2016 addition. It is scheduled to be released on August 10, the same day that Bethesda will showcase DOOM Eternal‘s gameplay at QuakeCon 2018. Coincidence?

That information came from a Reddit user named DesertofBoredom who posted about the Xbox mail that confirms DOOM’s appearance in the Xbox Game Pass list. Of course, other subscribers replied stating that they did not receive an email like this. The user responded with a screenshot of the email that also reveals the exact date of DOOM 2016’s entry to Xbox Game Pass.

Since Bethesda is showcasing DOOM Eternal tomorrow, it does not seem to be a random incident that both of these events are happening on the same day. It is undoubtedly a great advertisement of the sequel of DOOM 2016 that will soon be released. Moreover, it is also a good chance for everyone who has not played the prequel of DOOM Eternal to do so.

Bethesda is showcasing the official gameplay trailer of DOOM Eternal tomorrow during QuakeCon. The company will be present at the event until August 12. They are planning many more reveals and surprises for their fans already. If you want to keep up with the biggest Bethesda franchise, you’d better subscribe to Xbox Game Pass and play the prequel before DOOM Eternal catches up with you.