Doomfist, Moira To Get Spooky Skins For Overwatch Halloween Event

The time for Overwatch’s Halloween Terror event is almost upon us, and Blizzard has revealed two spooky new skins for Doomfist and Moira.

Blizzard first revealed Doomfist’s new legendary skin: Swamp Monster. He still has his signature fist, but now has puka shells, gills, and slimy skin to give him a creepy new fishy look.


“Just keep swimming,” Blizzard wrote on Twitter. “Make a splash as SWAMP MONSTER DOOMFIST (Legendary)!”

Swamp Monster Doomfist was the first skin revealed for the seasonal event, which is scheduled to start on Oct. 9. Doomfist still looks as powerful as ever, but this skin helps him instill a little extra fear in his enemies.

On Thursday, Blizzard revealed another legendary skin for the Halloween event: Banshee Moira.

The skin gives the support hero a dark makeover, whiting out her eyes, blacking out her now tattered robes, and completing the eerie look with a skull belt buckle.

The banshee makeover is pretty fitting for Moira, since banshees are mythological female spirits that hail from Ireland, just like our scientific support hero. Banshees are known for their high-pitched screams that announce death and are often portrayed with red hair. Blizzard’s version goes for a darker look for Moira, that differs from her usual fiery red hair and gives her more of a spooky vibe.

Blizzard is expected to reveal more skins as we get closer to the event’s start date.

But fresh, new skins aren’t all Overwatch players have to look forward to this October. It’s also likely that the Halloween event will bring back the Junkenstein’s Revenge game mode, in which teams of four face off against hordes of omnic zombies. In a post last week, Blizzard seemed to suggest that the Chateau Guillard map may be involved in this year’s event, but the exact details are still unclear.


“There’s a rumor among explorers about a monolithic lair home to terrifying horrors,” Blizzard wrote alongside the attached photo of the Guillard mansion. “Heroes, how will you prepare?”

Overwatch’s Halloween event is set to run from Oct. 9 through the end of the month. Fans can expect to see some spooky changes to the maps, as well as some special cosmetics. Though few details have been given about what exactly will be added to the game for the event, game director Jeff Kaplan did confirm that Junkenstein will be getting a bride this year.