Doug Flutie’s Maximum Football 2019 Gets Official Approval For PS4, Xbox One

Some great news has arrived for fans of Doug Flutie’s Maximum Football. The return of the game for 2019 is looking a bit more realistic as we approach the spring and summer months.

Maximum Football making progress

On the heels of a tweet released on Friday, March 22, gamers are more optimistic that Doug Flutie’s Maximum Football will be available by the upcoming season.

The tweet simply read “#MaximumFootball now officially approved for production on both the #PS4 & #XboxOne our billboard is 100% accurate.”

This is a great sign for gamers who love college football. With Madden dominating the pro scene, fans of the college game will get to enjoy some collegiate action.

The changes and how we got here

Being picked up by both Xbox and PlayStation was the first in a series of steps for Maximum Football’s return. 2019 will see many positive changes to Doug Flutie’s Maximum Football.  The logo, name, and graphics will all see some significant changes for the game’s 2019 release.

Doug Flutie Logo 2019

Doug Flutie’s name will now be in the title. That should be a huge plus, especially considering Flutie was a college legend at Boston College. The official logo is getting an overhaul as well.

One more cool option of Doug Flutie’s Maximum Football 2019 is that it will contain features from Canadian, US Pro, and College football fields and their set of rules.

All of the major changes that are expected to come this fall actually began last November. That is when Maximum Football agreed to a deal with Canuck Play & Spear Interactive. Now, they have also partnered up with Phenom Elite to include their gloves and brand in the game.

They also came to an agreement with Wilson to use their official football in the game as well. Big changes are definitely on the way for Doug Flutie’s Maximum Football 19, now fans just have to wait for its release this fall.

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