Dragon Ball FighterZ Base Goku and Base Vegeta Official Introduction Trailers Released

Bandai Namco released the official Dragon Ball FighterZ Base Goku and Base Vegeta introduction trailers this morning. We already knew that the two fighters would most likely be making an appearance in the game due to recent news from Japan, but this is the first confirmation we’ve gotten regarding the DLC characters in the West.

It has been a hot topic in the community ever since the initial leaks last week regarding why Base Goku and Vegeta weren’t already in Dragon Ball FighterZ. The launch of the game on PC, PS4, and Xbox One at the beginning of this year in January included both Goku and Vegeta but only in their Super Saiyan or higher forms. Oddly enough, the base characters with no frills or extra transformations weren’t included.

Now, Bandai Namco is rectifying that situation by offering Base Goku and Base Vegeta as Dragon Ball FighterZ DLC characters. While the Japanese release date for the characters is next month, a release date for the West wasn’t given in the official announcement today. However, we do suspect that it will be similar if not the same.

In addition to the announcement, you can watch the two separate Dragon Ball FighterZ introduction trailers for Base Goku and Base Vegeta right here. Though they lack the power (and style) of their Super Saiyan Blue forms, they aren’t any pushovers. Both come complete with unique attacks like Goku’s signature Spirit Bomb and Vegeta’s Galick Gun. Additionally, Base Goku will have access to his beloved Kaioken transformation that has seen a resurgence recently.

Unfortunately, this means that Dragon Ball FighterZ players will have to pay for the Base Goku and Base Vegeta DLC characters when they release in the near future. While we wait, read our break down of the Nintendo Switch version that releases in September with exclusive modes.