Dragon Quest X Could Still Come to the West, Possibly as an Offline Game

Recently, Dragon Quest X executive producer Yu Miyake revealed that the MMORPG could still come to the West. In addition, there have been talks lately about an offline version of the MMO at Square Enix. However, not all news about the franchise is happy. It seems that the 3DS titles weren’t as popular overseas as they could have been.

All of these highlights were revealed during the Super Dragon Quest X TV Fall Festival 10-Hour Special 2018. This Square Enix livestream aired just yesterday in Japan and covered a ton of topics related to the MMORPG. In it, executive producer Yu Miyake touched on all of the topics above. One of those was the overall state of the Dragon Quest franchise in the West.

Dragon Quest X 10-Hour Broadcast

In Japan, the Dragon Quest series, including Dragon Quest X, is a cultural phenomenon. Widely (unofficially) regarded as the national video game for the country, every release of a title is a hit. In fact, schools have to watch out as hundreds of students have been known to commit truancy on the day of release. Unfortunately, that same success has failed to resonate overseas.

Miyake addresses that, noting in the livestream that the 3DS titles (IX, VII, VIII) weren’t super popular here. In addition, he notes that many simply skipped from VIII all the way to the most recent Dragon Quest XI. Presumably, Miyake is referring to the original release of VIII on PS2 in 2004 (2005 here) and not the 3DS remake.

However, not all hope is lost for Dragon Quest X in the West. Miyake also notes that he does want to share the MMORPG with the West. This might not be in the form of the MMO as it is known in Japan, though. There have been talks occasionally at Square Enix about a possible offline version. That could be the one that Western players will experience if it does ever make its way here like its MMO counterpart Final Fantasy XIV.