EA DICE Adds Ten New Firearms to Battlefield 5 for the Open Beta

The Battlefield 5 Open Beta is soon to start, and ahead of the event, EA published a huge list of update notes. Spanning some twenty forum pages, the notes detail every change and tweak made to Battlefield 5 between the second Closed Alpha and the Open Beta. Among all the details, in particular, were ten new Battlefield 5 weapons which have been added to the game.

New Battlefield 5 Weapons for the Open Beta

EA DICE is adding ten new firearms to Battlefield 5 for the upcoming open beta. That event is due to start next week, with pre-loading starting in just a few days. The studio is also introducing a wide variety of tweaks and changes to the game’s existing firearms. The ten weapons and their descriptions, as they appear in the update notes, are as follows.

  • Turner SMLE: Semi Auto Rifle that fires faster than the Gewehr 43 but has a weaker bullet at range.
  • M1A1 Carbine: Very fast firing Semi Auto with a rather weak bullet. Best used within 50 meters.
  • STEN: The easier to control twin of the MP40.
  • Suomi KP/-31: Very hard to control, fast firing SMG. It starts off a bit weak, but benefits more than other SMGs from progression. Highest damage output weapon on the medic kit.

EA DICE is Adding Ten New Battlefield 5 Weapons

  • KE7: Medium rate of fire LMG.
  • FG-42: Very fast firing automatic rifle with a small magazine. Highest damage output weapon on the support kit.
  • M30 Drilling: A triple barrel combination gun that leaves you more flexible than you would think. Use it as a double barrel shotgun in close quarters or change fire mode to the rifle barrel for medium range shots.
  • Lee-Enfield No.4: Very fast firing sniper rifle. Its bullet is significantly slower than that of the Kar98k, making it preferable for medium range.
  • ZH-29: A hard-hitting self-loading rifle that can kill with only two hits.
  • Ruby: This fast firing pistol can be switched to very quickly. Its bullet loses strength fast over distance.