EA Sports UFC 4 Gameplay Trailer Shows Off Updated Clinch, Takedown, and Submission Systems

Over a week ago, EA Sports did their official UFC 4 reveal with a special trailer along with cover athlete reveals and pre-order details. Since then, a UFC 4 beta also went out for gamers to test out some of the new gameplay. As of Tuesday, a longer EA Sports UFC 4 gameplay trailer has arrived online showing fans more of what to expect from the new MMA game.

EA Sports UFC 4 gameplay trailer brings more action

The previous UFC 4 trailer was presented back on July 12, the day of the UFC 251 event. That gave us an overview of the game modes and presentation. It featured the cover athletes and some of the popular fighters, as well as bonus fighters like Bruce Lee, Tyson Fury, and Anthony Joshua. In the new EA Sports UFC 4 gameplay trailer, we get four minutes of visuals and narration about what’s new in the game.

There several aspects of the new UFC 4 game featuring the use of Real Player Motion (RPM) technology to improve various gameplay components. That RPM tech has been put to use for the Clinch aspect of the game, allowing fighters more options. Clinch can help with dirty fight moves, takedowns, or keeping an opponent into the cage wall.

RPM tech is also being used for the Takedowns. As the narrator says, the developers added “more variety, fluidity, and impact” to the takedown system. Now you can drive an opponent towards the cage to finish them off. On the other side, you can use footwork in order to avoid the takedown. There will be more “outcomes” due to player skill and attributes when it comes to the takedown.

A new submission system involves two “mini-games” for the fighter trying to submit their opponent or the one trying to defend against it. These mini-games replace the previous “cumbersome system” and work with choke and joint submissions, giving gamers more variety.

In addition, developers made high impact moments within fights have more impact in terms of look, feel, and sound. These include slowed-down visuals as fighters absorb contact and shockwaves travel through their body. Blood splatters and sweat flies off the fighter as they take the contact and fall to the mat. Gamers who played the UFC 4 beta probably noticed a lot of these aspects, but others are hungry to get their hands on the game.

UFC Game release date & pre-order details

The new EA Sports UFC 4 gameplay trailer arrives a bit over three weeks away from the game’s release date. It officially comes out on Aug. 14, 2020 for the Sony PlayStation 4 and Microsoft Xbox One.

UFC 4 is available for pre-order online now. The Standard Edition game costs $59.99 for either the PS4 or Xbox One. EA Access members get a discount when ordering, making the price $53.99 for either system.

By pre-ordering, gamers will get boxing stars Tyson Fury and Anthony Joshua as playable fighters for the game. In addition, there are a number of other pre-order bonuses including masks, gloves, chains, shorts, and other customization gear.

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