EA Sports UFC 4 Patch Update 3 Includes New Fighters, Weight Class Moves, and Gameplay Fixes

A major EA Sports UFC 4 update 3 has arrived for the popular mixed martial arts game. To say it’s a big update is an understatement, as it includes lots of fixes, tuning, and changes. In addition, it added two MMA fighters to the available group, moved some fighters to their new weight classes, and even gave more customization for those creating fighters.

EA Sports UFC 4 update adds fighters, moves others to new weight classes

Once gamers have downloaded and installed the new EA Sports UFC 4 update, they’ll have access to two more playable fighters. According to EA Sports UFC’s Instagram post, they are two fighters that plenty of gamers were waiting to become part of the MMA video game.

First up is Calvin Kattar, Who currently ranks seventh amongst featherweight fighters at UFC. Kattar’s got a four-star rating including 4.5 stars for Striking and Health along with 3.5 stars for his Grappling ability. 

Joining him as a new addition to the UFC 4 roster is Bantamweight Pedro Munhoz who ranks seventh in the weight class. He’s a 4.5-star rated fighter with 4.5 stars for his Grappling and Health as well as four-star Striking abilities in terms of UFC 4 ratings.

Those were the only two new fighters added to the roster with the EA Sports UFC 4 update. However, a number of other fighters received weight class changes and likeness updates. They included both Jon Jones and Alexander Gustaffson shifting over to Heavyweight, while Omari Ahkemdov is now part of the Middleweight class of fighters. 

Most of the UFC fighter appearance or likeness updates involving tattoos. Some of the fighters who got updated tattoos included Anthony Smith, Fabricio Werdum, Kevin Lee, and Cody Garbrandt. Eddie Wineland got a tattoo and mustache update.

Numerous gameplay updates and fixes included

As mentioned, the fighter updates are a very small part of the new EA Sports UFC 4 update. There is a lot to unpack involving other additions, fixes, or bugs. One major addition is the ability to choose the venue for a fight when playing online against friends in a private match.

Gameplay received plenty of updates. Examples include the developers tuning up aspects such as ground and pound stamina or clinch stamina cost, as well as submissions, slip counters, and more.

They’ve also made it possible for gamers to deny spear takedowns, added new ground transitions, and have increased damage for ground and pound as well as Knee on Belly. Of course, these are just a few of the overall changes or fixes the patch update brought into the game.

See the full update notes here for a list of all fixes, additions, and changes. The video below gives an overview of what’s new in the game as well.

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